ITZY Yeji Diet Plan: Revolutionary Korean Dieting

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Yeji from Itzy has released her diet plan and it has three meals spread out throughout the day. The plan is heavily inspired by the Korean diet and consists of strategically planned meals and snacks that are supposed to be eaten at very specific times during the day.

If you don’t already know, Itzy is a Korean girl group that debuted in May of 2018 with their song, “Dalla Dalla.” Their style is unique and wouldn’t be something that you would expect from kpop.

The members of Itzy aren’t your typical, cute and innocent girls like Red Velvet or GFriend. They have a more rebellious side to them which makes them all the more interesting.

What Yeji Eats in a Day

Every Kpop idol has different body types. Itzy Yeji has one of the smaller body types which is why her diet plan consists of only 3 meals during the day, with 1 snack in between each meal.

Breakfast: For breakfast, she drinks a glass of water but she also likes watermelon in the morning. This is like clockwork. Every morning, if you see a picture of Yeji on Twitter or Instagram, she’s probably eating watermelon. 

Lunch: Yeji will eat a bowl of fruit as her lunch. This looks like an apple and three oranges (tangerines). She also revealed that she loves sauces and particularly mayonnaise, mustard, and bean paste. She doesn’t eat any carbs during lunch and she will usually have fruit in between meals instead.

Dinner: For dinner, she usually goes for a salad with some chicken breasts or wings. This might look like she’s avoiding carbs but actually, she eats some rice and sometimes pasta after dinner.

Kpop idols have extremely strict diets so their diets vary depending on their body. There are some idols that eat more carbs than others depending on what their goals are.

Yeji is most likely very active and she wants to stay in shape so her diet consists of mostly vegetables and fruits with protein-rich snacks like chicken breasts or wings.

The Korean diet is very good for your health but you shouldn’t do it for too long either.

Yeji’s Exercise Routine

Normally idols have dance practice every day but Yeji is not your regular idol. They practice the choreography for “Dalla Dalla” before they film the music video.

Yeji’s normal schedule is pretty much to eat, sleep, exercise for four days straight, and sometimes she gets a day off.

We don’t know the exact schedule of Yeji but this is what the majority of the idols do.

Exercise is good for your health but exercise isn’t only limited to going on a treadmill or on a bike. You can do squats, jumping jacks, and other exercises that will help you stay fit and healthy as well.

Yeji’s workout routine is probably something that you wouldn’t see from a kpop group because it’s so different from what the typical kpop group does. She’s one of a kind and definitely inspiring because of her ability to be herself.

If you look at some dance practices you can see that it requires a lot of energy. We can safely say that they burn at least 500+ calories.

Just watching the dance practice is hard but doing it yourself definitely requires a lot of energy. It will take up your entire day which is why idols are so exhausted after performing.

Korean Dieting and Losing Weight Fast

What you eat and how much exercise you get both play a huge role in our lives. Itzy probably has a fast metabolism which is why we can’t help thinking she probably eats whatever she wants without gaining too much weight.

The Korean diet works really well for people who want to lose weight quickly but it’s also not something that you should do for too long.

Our metabolism slows down as we get older so you need to have a balance between eating whatever you want, dieting, and exercising if you want to lose weight fast.

Almost all members of Itzy are in their 20s so their metabolism is still pretty high but it’s best not to try this for too long because your body needs carbs and fats to survive.


All in all, Itzy is an extremely talented girl group. The one thing that makes Itzy so different from other groups is their adorable members who are able to stay true to themselves.

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