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Jamsil Travel Guide: Attractions, Food, Where To Stay

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Jamsil, known as Jamsil-dong or 잠실동, is a district in Seoul worth visiting because of Lotte World. 

Lotte World is an amusement park that also has malls and an aquarium, making it versatile to the entire family and worthwhile. 

Along with that, Jamsil has classic Korean cuisine and other landmarks, like the Seoul Sky, that give amazing tastes and sights.

The rest of this article will cover what to do in Jamsil, where to stay, and what it’s known for.

What To Do In Jamsil

Each district in Seoul has a unique and vast array of culture and sights to absorb. Jamsil is the same way, and it has plenty of activities. 

With amusement parks, landmarks, and shopping, Jamsil is a common tourist spot and loved by the locals and visitors alike.

Although Seoul is more friendly to English speakers than other parts of South Korea, it’s still recommended that you know at least basic Korean before traveling to Jamsil. 

As you plan your day in Jamsil, keep in mind some activities, like movie theaters, are going to be Korean-only.

With that being said, Jamsil is versatile since it has a balance of good food you have to try, amazing parks and landmarks, and entertainment. 

Here are some places you should go: Lotte World, Seoul Sky, Yoojin’s Kitchen, Charlotte Theater, and Songpa Naru Park.

Lotte World

Rides, restaurants, and adventure awaits you at Lotte World, an amusement park for all ages that has various ride styles. 

There’s thrill rides, haunted mansions, relaxing rides, and more. Perhaps the best part of Lotte World is the observation tower and mall connected to it.

The Lotte World (롯데월드타워) Tower & Mall is the fifth highest tower in the world. It offers countless shops, restaurants, cafes, and galleries – it even has a hotel on the property. 

You can look down at the entirety of Lotte World and see all the rides from a high vantage point.

There’s also the Lotte World Aquarium. It’s very family friendly, and interestingly enough, there’s actual robot fish inside. 

Yes! robotic fish. The aquarium has high reviews and has received praise for the diverse exhibits it offers. If you’re a fish lover, this spot is for you!

Seoul Sky Observatory

This observatory is attached to the Lotte World Tower & Mall. The top floors allow you to look over all of Lotte World and other parts of Jamsil. 

It’s 123 stories and 555 meters high in total, and it offers a 360 degree view of Seoul. Be warned though, it gets extremely busy.

Of course, this observatory is perfect if you’re looking for pictures to post online or make a collage out of. 

At night, all the lights make it gorgeous, and it’s romantic too if you’re looking for a vacation with your partner. Also, there’s no time limit for how long you can stay.

The Seoul Sky is known in Hangul as 서울스카이, and it is one of the most popular tourist locations in all of Jamsil. 

After you’re done with the thrilling rides of Lotte World, go to the Seoul Sky to get the relaxation, hydration, and nutrition you deserve!

Yoojin’s Kitchen

Delving into the foods of Korean cuisine is one of the best ways to experience Korean culture. 

What better way to immerse yourself in it than by participating in it? 

Yoojin’s Kitchen (유진의 부엌) is a cooking class that teaches you at a basic, intermediate, or advanced level.

An activity like cooking is a way to broaden your skills and food palette. Not only do you get to sample Korean cuisine, but you learn how to make it so you can make new dishes at home. It’s the perfect activity for couples or solo travelers who love cooking.

Each recipe used is healthy and fresh. The staff at Yoojin’s will give you all the nutrition information you need about the ingredients being used. 

The class itself is taught by a nutritionist. Her name, like the kitchen itself, is Yoojin.

Yoojin has received high ratings for her kindness and effective teaching. Each class is around 2 to 3 hours depending on what level you take. 

Yoojin is known for being very attentive and will even send you different recipes after the class is over.

Charlotte Theater

If you’re someone who’s interested in learning the Korean language, test your skills through entertainment at the Charlotte Theater (샤롯데씨어터). 

The building itself imitates French architecture, and it’s the first theater in Korea that’s meant exclusively for musical productions.

The Charlotte Theater is highly rated for the immersive experience it provides. It also shows plays that were cut from Broadway. 

For example, back in 2018, Bridges of Madison County was played in the Charlotte Theater despite how the show left Broadway.

Since most of the plays are in Korean, it’s a great chance to test your musical and Korean knowledge by memorizing the lyrics in English, then hearing them in Korean. 

Even if you don’t understand the lyrics, the fun sets, food, and choreographies make it worthwhile.

Songpa Naru Park

To finish off your list of activities, a relaxing location like the Songpa Naru Park (송파나루공원) is the perfect way to unwind after thrilling events. 

The Songpa Naru Park is also called the Seokchonhosu Lake (석촌호수) and has walking and running trails available to the public.

The lake itself is gorgeous, and any photographers looking to get aesthetic photoshoots should visit at least once. 

For any aspiring movie directors, Twitch streamers, YouTubers, or other filming jobs, the Songpa Naru Park works as a great location to film to boost your visuals.

Besides the jogging courses and walking trails, Songpa is very spacious and friendly to those who want to stay in the park for a while. 

This includes family events such as picnics. There’s also markers on the concrete, so if you’re jogging or walking, track your progress using those.

Where To Stay In Jamsil

Jamsil is one of the most popular districts in Seoul, meaning tourism is through the roof. Hotels are in high demand, and there are plenty of 5, 4, and 3 star hotels you can choose from. 

No matter which hotel you go for, you’ll get a great location and service.

Lotte Hotel World

Located in between the Lotte World amusement park and the Seoul Sky, the Lotte Hotel World (롯데호텔 월드) is a 5-star hotel that has the best location on this list. 

It’s walking distance to the theme park and observation tower, and it has countless amenities.

Some of these amenities are as follows: a salon, free parking and Wi-Fi, an indoor pool and hot tub, a sauna, a fitness room, meeting rooms, butler service, dry cleaning and laundry service, breakfast, a restaurant, shuttle bus services, children facilities, and more.

The room amenities are of similar luxury. There are suites, smoking and non-smoking rooms, and family rooms. These rooms include: a minibar, room service, air conditioning, a flatscreen TV, a safe and refrigerator, housekeeping, and VIP room facilities.

Address: 240 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Sangju Hotel Seoul

The Sangju Hotel (상주호텔) is a 3-star hotel located along a riverwalk, making it perfect for those who love gorgeous sights and morning walks. This is a cheaper alternative to the Lotte World Hotel, but also in a good location for restaurants, activities, and cafes.

Some of the amenities are as follows: free parking and Wi-Fi, a bar/lounge, airport transportation, a restaurant, a concierge, a shuttle bus service, a dry cleaning and laundry service, children activities, a business center with internet access, and more.

The rooms they have available are suites, smoking and non-smoking rooms, and family rooms. 

The rooms themselves don’t have many amenities, but they do have air conditioning, a minibar, and room service.

Address: 19, Olympic-ro 8-gil, Seoul, South Korea

Signiel Seoul

One of the best hotels in Seoul is located in Jamsil: the Signiel Seoul (시그니엘 서울). 

Located in the Lotte World Tower, the Signiel is one of the highest rated hotels in Seoul, and it’s also named a traveler’s choice by various traveling websites such as Tripadvisor.

There are 103 restaurants located within 0.3 miles of the hotel, and 11 attractions including the famous Lotte World. 

There are countless amenities that include the following: 24-hour security, a banquet room, a heated pool and hot tub, a spa, massage rooms, butler services, and more.

It’s a non-smoking hotel, which means only suites, non-smoking rooms, and family rooms are available. 

Room amenities include the following: a bathrobe, room service, a minibar, a flatscreen TV, air conditioning, a safe, and VIP room facilities.

Address: 300 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea

What Jamsil Is Known For

Jamsil is a neighbor to the famous luxury district of Gangnam, and Jamsil has similar luxuries. 

Jamsil is known for its beautiful architecture and activities that are filled to the brim with Korean culture. Tourists love Jamsil for its accessibility to people of all ages.

The origin of Lotte began in Jamsil, and the skyscraper that’s over 500 meters high is a symbol of what Jamsil is. 

Another staple of Jamsil is the Jamsil Baseball Stadium. The annual baseball tournaments are giant events for the locals. Koreans love to go drink beer, eat chicken, and cheer.

Of course, Seoul and South Korea in general are famous for their food. Jamsil is no different. 

There are hundreds of restaurants and cafes waiting to be sampled by tourists and locals alike. Cafes and bars are opening up all over the district constantly, making the flavor palette in Jamsil unique.


Jamsil is a tourist spot in Seoul, South Korea, that’s gaining popularity as the years pass by. It’s a vast district with plenty of food, activities, and culture. 

There’s the Lotte World amusement park, the theaters, the parks, aquariums, observatories, and more.

Since Jamsil is a trendy tourist area, hotels are plentiful. There are lots of 5, 4, and 3 star hotels around. 

Some of these hotels include: the Lotte Hotel World, the Sangju Hotel Seoul, and the Signiel Seoul that’s located in the famous Lotte World Tower.

Lastly, what Jamsil is known for is its culture and gorgeous architecture. It’s a neighbor to the district of Gangnam, and it has similar luxuries as its neighbor. 

The Lotte World Tower has become a symbol for Jamsil, and it’s a distinctive structure that stands out in the sky.

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