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10 Korean Bag Brands: Designer, Luxury, Affordable

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Korea has no shortage of fantastic handbag brands. They are just as diverse as ones you’d find in the United States or France, for example. 

But, because Korea is fast becoming a worldwide fashion leader, they have a few unlike anything you’ll find in the West.

The list below contains 10 Korean bag brands anyone is sure to love. All of them are original with creative, artistic designs beset against durable engineering. 

Whether for school, work, a date, hanging with friends or studying, there’s a bag brand for you.

The ones mentioned run the gamut from luxurious to affordable; some go over the top while others are very subtle. 

Whatever you need, you’re sure to find it down below.

10 Korean Bag Brands Overview

  1. Stretch Angels
  2. Marge Sherwood
  3. Pleats Mama
  5. DeMaker
  6. Find Kapoor
  7. Summer Honeymood
  8. OSOI
  9. Yurt
  10. Marhen.J

1. Stretch Angels

Stretch Angels is a fashion brand based out of Seoul, South Korea. They offer a huge line of handbags but also some clothing and other accessories. 

Their bags are incredibly versatile, practical, and adjustable. You can wear them over the shoulder, but many have a feature to cross them over the chest or wear them as a wrist wallet.

They use creativity and inspiration from unusual places to create their various lines of fashionable wares. 

Their signature bag is the “Flap Multi Camel Panini Bag.” The moniker for this comes from the Italian sandwich with the same type of bread: a Panini. It combines all the best parts of a cross-body bag with that of a clutch.

This is so popular, in fact, that it’s a worldwide feature in high-end fashion magazines. Aside from the cute name, it’s very pragmatic. 

You can have it for daily use, or you can coordinate it for a special day out, like romantic dates or upscale luncheons.


  • Also have other accessories and clothing
  • Many items are very practical for daily use
  • Versatile, fun and exciting product lines


  • Website is in Korean with Korean pricing
  • Limited selection and rare availability

2. Marge Sherwood

For those who are big fans of the movie, “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” Marge Sherwood handbag brand is one of the most sophisticated and elegant out of Korea. 

A duo designer pair, Sungeun Um and Soonyoung Kim, design and create all Marge Sherwood’s handbags.

Any woman can sport these outlandishly unique bags in her own expressive way. The designs are for the fashionista that must have a different bag to match every single outfit and ensemble. 

However, this also translates to the fact that they’re not very versatile or have applications for everyday use.

Regardless, all the styles carry a vintage flavor; reminiscent of the 1950s and 1960s. The colors, textures, handles and overall composition lend themselves to casual wear or for a black tie party. For those wanting something more pragmatic, check out their NONSEASON sub-brand.


  • Ideal for the high-fashion conscious
  • Well designed and engineered handbags
  • Inspired by vintage eras of 1950s and 1960s


  • Designs are not very practical for daily use
  • Bags never seem to go with any outfit

3. Pleats Mama

Pleats Mama is the best Korean brand for those who want ecologically friendly and cruelty-free handbags. 

They believe in creating sustainable products that are adorable, beautiful, functional and affordable. Pleats Mama has an array of collections with fun, vibrant colors like periwinkle and lemon yellow.

Plus, they’ll use materials such as yarn comprising recycled plastics. This makes the bags not only lightweight but also incredibly durable. 

Therefore, these are ideal for every day. But, it’s signature feature is inherent in the company’s name; the fact that every bag has pleats (or creases) in them.

Because of all these wonderful bells and whistles, Pleats Mama is one of the most popular Korean handbags on the market.

They are the perfect balance of everything anyone would want in a handbag. You can’t go wrong having one of these.


  • Have a website for English-speaking customers
  • Ecologically designed handbags
  • Fantastic collections and color arrays


  • Some do not like how they all have pleats
  • Many styles do not have pockets or compartments


KOIMOOI’s name, as reflected by the koi fish, intends to project an image of fun eccentricity with unparalleled designs. 

It’s actually a sub-brand of Zero-One, Inc., owned and operated by Jong Choi directly out of Seoul, South Korea. The company’s philosophy supports today’s women without boundaries.

The craftsmanship of each bag is irresistible and has a cult following all over the globe. They have a healthy range of color options and collection lines. 

One of their most sought-after is the Mini Nana in Green Tweed. Everyone who’s able to get their hands on one absolutely loves it!

They also offer quaint wallets along with replacement straps, chains, beads, and others. However, they are on the pricier side of things, with the average bag (even small ones) starting at $200.


  • Unusual and eccentric designs not found anywhere
  • Fabulous colors, materials and composition
  • Great for any purpose or need


  • Smaller collections than other brands
  • Very expensive on the interim

5. DeMaker

For luxury bags made of genuine leather, DeMaker is perfect. They have excellent designs and they’re engineering is sturdy with amazing durability. Plus, for being such a high-end brand, their prices are rather affordable.

The main attractions of these bags are their curvy and round appearance. Some come in the shape eggs, a few are half moons, and yet there are cylindrical ones, among others. 

The designers truly push the envelope on the definition of good, practical handbag design.

Many Korean stars wear DeMaker on and offstage. These include Shin Se Kyung, Yoo In Na, Nana, Park So Dam, Kim Ji Won and many more. 

The hit K-drama, Penthouse 2 featuring DeMaker’s “Wave Bag-Black” and Park Shin Hye wore the “New Vase Bag-Caramel Café” in a music video.


  • Trendy, popular and high-fashion handbags
  • Readily available and very affordable
  • Durable, strong and reliable genuine leather


  • Not ideal as a cruelty-free product
  • Designs tend to be bulky and awkward

6. Find Kapoor

The bags offered by Find Kapoor are some of the most luxurious ones coming out of Korea. Not only do stars like Irene Kim and Sooyoung HyunA love them, but so do their fans. The artisanship is trendy and modern yet simple and practical.

But what makes Find Kapoor so special is the method in which they create each bag via a team of designers and staff. 

With over 15 years of experience, they go through every aspect with a meticulous fine-toothed comb and discerning eye. This makes their handbags more of an artistic experience rather than a fashion accessory.

Their most famous line is the Bucket Bags. It’s cylindrical that ties at the top and it goes with any getup or ensemble. 

Plus, it comes in a wide array of styles, colors and tones that encompass contrasting bolds or gentle pastels. Another is the Pingo 20 Lizard Chain Set, featuring a texturing finish highlighted by a metal chain.


  • Well-designed with an artistic flair
  • Detail and consideration goes into each bag
  • Excellent styles and colors from which to choose


  • Very expensive
  • Some designs are a bit chunky

7. Summer Honeymood

If you’re the kind of person who has a love affair with rattan handbags, then Summer Honeymood is for you. 

This is a Korean fashion brand, but they source their products directly from a craftsman in Bali, Indonesia. With each tightly woven by hand, Summer Honeymood has handbags with the highest rating for durability.

Their line is excellent for the warmer months of the year, making them great for the beach or going on vacation to a tropical island. They’re classic design means it will never go out of fashion.

The presentation is simple and practical with a splash of color. The brown rattan truly makes the lining and charms pop. But this isn’t in a loud or eccentric way. Summer Honeymood’s bags are very chic but also charmingly understated.


  • Practical, beautiful and elegant
  • Affordable, durable and well-woven
  • Rattan is eternally fashionable


  • There is no direct website
  • Can only buy from retailers that offer them
  • Only for summertime use


Freely designed, unbound by style and useful any time of year, OSOI has it all in their line of handbags. Inspired by the Japanese, the word translates to “patient” or “slow.” OSOI’s method of craftsmanship, the detail they lovingly put into each bag and the philosophy of the company is a direct reflection of this mission.

Not only do they have bags but also footwear and accessories. OSOI’s claim to fame is in their androgynous and unisex styles. 

This combines with structured geometric silhouettes while offering futuristic and asymmetrical characteristics.

What makes OSOI truly unique is their collections, which one could classify as selections. This envelope-pushing and boundary defying edge is what makes them versatile and pragmatic but also avant-garde and beautiful.


  • Styles and functionality for all genders
  • An array of options for any taste or preference
  • Geometric, futuristic and asymmetrical designs


  • Not all styles are good for everyday use
  • The more fashionable one are expensive

9. Yurt

For a more minimal and natural approach to handbags, Yurt has an excellent array of lines and collections. The company’s mission is to help individuals change their habits via the natural cycles of life, which include the flow of time.

Nothing about their accessories is the same or carries a similar theme. Everything has a specific feeling, mood or impression. 

For instance, Yurt has rare shapes to see in a bag, like fruit or necklace-style wallets. Plus, they have clothing, other accessories and footwear to boot.

Because they view their lines and collections as works of art, they have lookbooks dating all the way back to 2013. 

If you find an older style that you love and really want, they’ll design it just for you. What makes Yurt a little different is the fact that they will do repairs on any bag and there are no warranty limits.


  • Natural, practical and minimalist styles
  • Unique and artistic designs
  • Will repair any bag without a warranty


  • All of their stock is very expensive
  • Some designs can be awkward to carry

10. Marhen.J

The most popular handbag brand in Korea and elsewhere is Marhen.J. This is because the company’s founder is the same person who was the Creative Director for world-famous K-pop artists such as Twice and TVXQ. 

While this is very much a Korean company, its headquarters are in Singapore.

Their bags are the perfect blend of elegance and minimalism, which makes them a staple fashion accessory. 

Their versatility and chic appearance is not just good for dates and black tie events but also for more casual outings or going to the office.

They have bags for every need and occasion. From sleek computer cases and umbrella covers to water bottles and purses, Marhen.J’s collections are vast. 

Their designs are ergonomic, waterproof and stain resistant too. Everything is original and unique, so it has wide appeal to a large range of various people.


  • A huge array of designs to peruse
  • Versatile yet chic for any occasion
  • Ergonomic, stain resistant and waterproof


  • Some styles and collections are expensive


As illustrated above, Korea has its own special fascination with bag designs and craftsmanship. Truly, it’s a mountain to wade through, but the care and detail put into these bags is more than impressive.

No matter what kind of handbag you need, one of the brands above will have something desirable. But, of course, this will depend on your personality and what you value in the products you buy.

For instance, those who are eco-conscious but also love a minimalist approach should go for Pleat Mama or Yurt. 

If you want to splurge and have a few extra bucks to spend, then go for Marhen.J or KOIMOOI. Regardless of which you pick, you’ll find a bag you’re going to love.

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