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23+ Korean Skincare Stores in Europe With Fast Shipping

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Are you living in Europe and don’t want to pay for shipping costs?

That’s exactly me when I shop around for Korean skincare products.

Ordering from sites overseas will burn a hole in your wallet, so that’s why I created this list of the best Korean skincare stores in Europe.

Now, it’s important that you make sure you order from the right stores within your country or you could:

  • Waste hundreds of dollars…
  • Have to wait another 4 weeks for your skincare to arrive
  • Order again from another store if you want it to arrive faster

So make sure to read it carefully.

Let’s get started.

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Korean Skincare Stores in Europe

Many European countries have a K-beauty store. The following are some of the more popular ones, with most dedicated only to skincare from Korea. albeit not comprehensive.


Beauty Bubbles: For quality K-beauty in Austria, they have a huge array of products for your pleasure of choice. There is free shipping within Austria’s borders for orders over €50 and for international orders over €250.

Korean Beauty House Österreich: Featuring many products from Missha, Lador, Aromatica and It’s Skin from Korea, this Austrian-based K-beauty retailer is a dream come true. They ship free to Austria for orders over €48.

K-Beauty Vienna: This Viennese Korean skincare store offers all the top brands directly from Korea. Orders over €50 ship free to Austria and Germany.


RoseKoreanBeauty: Serving Belgium and the Netherlands, this K-beauty retailer has all the right skincare brands. Everything ships free as long as orders are at least €50.

Korina: Offering the best brands and products featured in Korean skincare, Korina serves Belgium along with France, Denmark and the Netherlands. You can get free shipping in these countries when orders exceed €50.

OhBee: Based out of Belgium, they have all the major K-beauty brands people love and trust. There is free shipping to Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands when the total exceeds €65.


Nitui: Although stocking a small selection of Korean skincare products, they have all the best ones. What’s great is they test and try the products themselves, which is why the selection is so minute. They offer free shipping throughout Croatia for 300 HRK.

Orbico Beauty: Based in Zagreb, they stock European and Korean skincare products. Shipping charges are not clear.

Czech Republic

Eco Korean Beauty: Order online or go to their store in Prague. This K-beauty retailer has an emporium of skincare, makeup and hair care specific to the Korean way of life. They do not offer free shipping.


K-Lab Beauty: This online Korean skincare store has an average number of brands but a huge selection from those. They cater to mature skin types along with younger skin that experiences severe issues. They offer free shipping to those living within Denmark for orders over DKK 499.

Skin Pop: Offers masks, exfoliators, cleansers, toners, moisturizers and more under K-beauty standards. This Denmark-based retailer doesn’t have free shipping.

Surisuri: With a physical warehouse in Esbjerg, Denmark, along with online ordering, they have a huge array of K-beauty brands. While they don’t offer free shipping worldwide, they do have free shipping over 499 DKK within Denmark.


Korea Cosmetics OÜ: Based Tallinn, Estonia with online ordering capability, they have a decent selection of premium brands and Korean skincare products. They have free shipping for Estonian residents with orders over €39. There is also free delivery for any country in the EU, but the price varies.


Bearel: The first company to introduce the magic of Korean skincare to Finland, they have a wide range of products in their store. Their list is huge and they can help you locate the right items for your skin tone, type and concerns. They also have free shipping to every EU country for orders over €70.

JBeauty: Offers the highest quality cosmetics and skincare products from Korea as well as Japan. Staff carefully selects and tests every product available online or in their store. There’s shipping within Finland for orders exceeding €50.

Yeppo: With stores in Helsinki and Vantaa, they have a wide array of skincare, cosmetics and home spa supplies revolving around K-beauty. When you spend €50 or more, delivery is free.


Erborian: This is a Parisian-based cosmetics company founded on Korean skincare principles. While their products are not Korean, the sentiment is all there. They have offices in Canada and the US too. Shipping is free with orders over €59 for France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Niasha: Based in Pau, France, this K-beauty supplier features some of the best brands from Korea in the form of face masks, lipstick, eye treatments and more. There’s free Colissimo Pickup delivery for orders over €45 in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Colissimo Domicile delivery is free only for French residents for orders above €75.

Sephora: This internationally famous beauty supplier stocks a wonderful selection of K-beauty products at their Paris location. It’s unclear if they offer free shipping.


Dear Klairs: A K-beauty brand with an online store for those living in Germany. Therefore, all their products will be from Klairs. But orders €35 and over get free shipping.

Tonymoly: Authentic Korean beauty supplies based in Munich, they are a sole brand producer of their own lines of skincare. There is no information on their site about shipping but they do ship throughout the European Union.


Korendy: For Greek residents only, this Korean skincare supplier offers a healthy list of brands they select and test themselves. You can only buy online and there is no pickup location. It’s not certain what the shipping charges are.


Seoul K Beauty Shop: Located in Budapest, there is no online ordering. But it seems this is the only actual store throughout the country.


KBeauty Korean Skincare Iceland: They offer a host of K-beauty skincare products through the online eshop. Free shipping occurs when orders exceed 10,000 ISK.


Dot Dot Skin: This retailer has a small, yet specially curated selection of Korean skincare products. They offer free shipping to the Netherlands for orders in excess of €50. Depending on the country, there are varying spending limits for free shipping.

Haru Haru: There are two locations, one in Amsterdam and the other in Rotterdam along with online shopping options. They have every K-beauty brand you can imagine. They ship free throughout the Netherlands for orders over €50. They do have free shipping throughout the EU but there are different spending limits.

Little Wonderland: Based in Arnhem, they have a warehouse and an online shop displaying a cornucopia of cosmetics, makeup, skincare and other beauty products. They have K-beauty but other European brands as well. There isn’t free shipping.

Korean-Skincare: Based in Veldhoven sells the biggest brands for the most affordable prices. Brands like COSRX, Innisfree, and many more. They have one of the biggest skincare collections available in the Netherlands. They also offer free shipping for orders over €40 within Europe.


4 Seasons Beauty: Based in Warsaw, Poland, they offer luxury beauty brands from Korea that are very difficult to find elsewhere. They do have a selection of the typical brands as well. Delivery is free for orders over €110 to Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Slovakia.


Coree: This store in Zurich has a monster list of K-beauty brands to choose from in-store or online. Free shipping for Swiss orders over 80 CHF.

United Kingdom (Britain, Ireland, Scotland)

Beauty & Seoul: A topnotch K-beauty retailer in the UK that categorizes items, making it easier to find products. They arrange it based on skin concerns, brands and skin type. Shipping is free to UK citizens for orders over £25.

SkinLibrary: The people who run this UK retailer test and try all the K-beauty products they offer. Plus, they have lots of minis and trial sizes too. Shipping is free in the UK for orders over £25.

Skinsider: Based in London, this K-beauty retailer is online only. However, they have a wonderful array of brands and products from Korea. They even offer free shipping on orders over £20.

Is Korean Skincare Popular in Europe?

Yes, Korean skincare is extremely popular in Europe. In Europe alone, there are of 447 million people, so if you take a small percentage of that. Millions of people use Korean skincare every single day.

Now, it might not be as popular as the U.S. or South Korea but it’s definitely up there. That’s why there are so many Korean skincare stores out there that you never knew existed.

Creating your own Korean skincare routine has never been this easy, especially for the people that live in Asia.

Sadly, there hasn’t been any list with the best Korean skincare stores in Europe. I really wish someone had created this way back when I got into Korean skincare.

These days, you just Google “Korean Skincare store near me” but there are many ones that could potentially scam you.

The prices you pay at some stores are literally 40% above the normal price. That’s why creating  list like this is so important.

What Skincare Brands Are The Most Popular in Europe?

There are many skincare brands in Europe. Some of those are CosrX, Innisfree, and Neogen just to name a few. All the brands that are popular in South Korea tend to come over to the U.S and then Europe.

So it’s only natural that the same brands that are popular in South Korea are also popular in Europe.

Normally, when a famous K-pop idol starts to promote a Korean skincare brand, it’ll get a lot of attention from people in Europe. This is one of the reasons why K-beauty has become mainstream in Europe.

A few months back, there weren’t as many stores as there are now. Still to this day, more and more stores are popping up and that’s the fun thing. You as the consumer can choose from many different stores and check which store has the best prices.

What’s The Average Shipping Time To Europe?

The average shipping time in Europe is about 2 to 4 days. This is way faster than ordering from Asia where it can be up to 14 days. 

It’s important to know that you will be paying the premium price if you’re ordering from stores in Europe. It’s only natural that those stores make a bit of profit. What I normally do is order from stores in Asia when I don’t need the products immediately. 

However, when my skincare is running out, I tend to order from stores in Europe. The shipping times in some countries are incredibly fast. In the Netherlands, you can order the receive the package you ordered the same day.

And there are many other countries that offer these super-fast deliveries. There are times where you can wait for the skincare products, then I would recommend ordering from Asia, it’s a bit cheaper, and the products are the same.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where you order your skincare from. There are thousands of stores worldwide, but if you’d rather have your products within a few days, then it’s great to order from Korean skincare stores in Europe.

If you don’t mind waiting a few more days/weeks, then ordering from stores in Asia is also a fine choice. There’s no right or wrong in this case, it depends on your personal preference.

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