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12 Korean Subscription Boxes with International Shipping

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There are many wonderful facets to Korean life and culture, but not all of us can get there to experience it firsthand. 

If you find yourself agreeing with this statement, there’s another thing you can try that’s as close as you’ll get to experiencing South Korea: subscription boxes!

Here, we’ve collected the top 12 Korean subscription boxes you can get your hands on right now. 

These span food, snacks, beauty, skincare, cosmetics, K-pop, K-dramas, K-fashion, and so much more! 

Want Ramen noodles? We gotcha covered. 

Want sheet masks? There are plenitudes of them here. 

Whatever you desire or whatever you didn’t know you needed, it’s certainly sitting somewhere in the list below.

Korean Subscription Boxes Overview

There are three basic Korean subscription-box categories: food/snacks, beauty/skincare, and variety. Each category contains four of the best ones available.

The variety boxes often have both food and beauty products, along with other cultural things. 

We’ll take you through the details of each and where you can snatch one today.

  1. Munch Addict Korea Box
  2. Snack Fever
  3. My Korean Ramen Box
  4. Gwaja Box
  5. Bomibox
  6. PinkSeoul
  7. Lengbox
  8. Sooni Pouch
  9. Inspire Me Korea
  10. Seoulbox
  11. Korea Box
  12. Daebak Box

12 Korean Subscription Boxes

Koreans have a love affair with their snacks. The best way to get a taste of the culture is to subscribe to any of the ones mentioned in the following list. 

There is a range of sweet treats to savory, crunchy snacks and ramen noodles.

1. Munch Addict Korea Box

  • General Contents: Candy, chocolate, beverages, chips, and more
  • Cost: $18.40
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Where to Buy:

Munch Addict has one of the best Korean snack boxes on the market. They offer a variety of snacks every month for you to taste, try and sample. 

They contain things like chocolate bars, candy, cheese puffs, chips, soft drinks, healthy water, bubble tea, and so much more.

You simply create an account with Munch Addict, fill out your personal information and submit your payment. 

The attractive thing about Munch Addict is their selection of international snack boxes like Mexico and Asian Ramen.

You can get them all in one for a grand monthly surprise, or you can do individual cuisines.

2. Snack Fever

  • General Contents: Ramen, chips, seaweed snacks, candy, chocolate
  • Cost: $40, $39, $38.50 or $37 (subscription depending)
  • Frequency: Every month, three months, six months or a year
  • Where to Buy:

The fantastic thing about Snack Fever is how they offer four various subscription tiers with three different-sized boxes. 

You can opt for every month, year, twice per year, or every three months. They have mini, regular, and deluxe sizes too. 

Plus, there are tons of options with total control over your subscription and when to have it shipped.

However, you never know what you’re going to get. Sometimes there are seaweed snacks. Other times they have ramen noodles, and yet other boxes will be full of candy. 

While Snack Fever is a subsidiary of Daebak (mentioned below), they are a separate company.

3. My Korean Ramen Box

My Ramen Box is solely a Korean feature, offering a variety of ramen noodles. It’s the closest thing you’ll get to actually visiting the country. 

Every month they send about 10 premium noodle brands for you to sample.

They have the typical flavors like pork, seafood, beef, and chicken. 

But, they’ll also throw in a few more traditional Korean dishes. These will be things such as bulgogi, neoguri, kimchi, jjamppong, jjajangmyeon, and others.

4. Gwaja Box

Gwaja translates to “snack” from Korean to English, and this subscription box has it all. 

While they do mostly cater to an Australian customer base, people in other parts of the world can buy it directly from Gwaja on Etsy.

For Australia, there are four boxes available. 

There is the mini, original, ramyeon, or sweet. For everyone else going through Etsy, there’s a gift box and one type of snack box.

5. Bomibox

  • General Contents: Sheet masks, ampoules, cleansers, toners, moisturizers, cosmetics, makeup
  • Cost: $44.99 or $128.97
  • Frequency: Monthly, Quarterly, or for Three Consecutive Months
  • Where to Buy:

Bomibox is the best and most popular skincare and beauty subscription. They have thousands of happy customers who all love the surprises they get. 

While this is mostly a monthly occurrence, you can opt to get one every quarter (or four months).

They offer a smorgasbord of deluxe sample sizes and full-sized products. All are Korean brands, and some of which are more difficult to get in places outside of Asia. 

What’s great is if you really like a product in your subscription, you can buy the full version directly from Bomibox.

6. PinkSeoul

  • General Contents: Sheet masks, toners, cleansers, moisturizers, ampoules, treatments, eye cream
  • Cost: $39.95 (standard) or $49.95 (plus)
  • Frequency: Every Two Months
  • Where to Buy:

PinkSeoul is a Korean skincare and beauty company based out of Villa Park, California. 

However, all their products come directly from Korea, with each box shipped to your home every other month. 

They have two types: Standard or Plus.

Both options contain four full-sized products along with two masks and an accessory item. 

However, the plus box is highly advisable for those over the age of 35 years old. 

With either one, you can customize your subscription to fit your skin tone, skin type, and your biggest skincare concern/condition.

7. Lengbox

  • General Contents: Cleansers, toners, moisturizers, brighteners, pore refiners
  • Cost: $38
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Video:
  • Where to Buy:

Lengbox offers the most innovative and cutest skincare and beauty products each month. They only distribute the world’s best brands from South Korea. 

These often comprise five to seven full-sized products. Sometimes, there can be much more than that.

Although Lengbox caters to mostly the UK, they will ship to the United States and other parts of the world. 

What’s great about Lengbox is that they announce what’s going to be in their subscriptions. 

So, if you aren’t interested in what they’re offering during any given month, you can pause your subscription.

8. Sooni Pouch

  • General Contents: Sheet masks, essences, ampoules, treatments, moisturizers, toners, sleeping masks
  • Cost: $11.99 / $22.99 / $38.99 (or every three months – $35.97 / $68.97 / $116.97)
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Where to Buy:

Sooni Pouch specializes in curated subscription boxes for the skincare diva. There are three different kinds to choose from, and all of them are excellent. 

The fantastic thing about Sooni Pouch is that they have a schedule listed under each option. So, you’ll always know when to expect your shipment.

The Mask Pouch contains six of the most popular sheet masks.

The Mini Pouch has six to eight deluxe samples or full-sized products spanning sheet masks, moisturizers, cosmetic tools, creams, treatments, and so more. 

The standard Sooni Pouch offers the most, providing 10 to 12 skincare products.

9. Inspire Me Korea

  • General Contents: K-pop, K-drama, beauty, skincare, hair care, language, recipes, food, lifestyle
  • Cost: Starting at around $50 (depending on the subscription theme and your budget selection)
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Where to Buy:

Inspire Me Korea is the subscription box mega store! They have so many options, choices and features, that it’s impossible to list them all in a detailed way here. 

However, the sister duo that runs the company curate each box themselves. So, you know you’re getting authentic Korean wares and goods with a little love behind them.

They have subscription boxes for hair care, beauty, and skincare (yes, all separate). But there are also ones for Korean Culture, where you can learn how to speak Korean. 

Plus, there’s stuff for K-dramas, K-pop, snacks, recipes, lifestyle, and fashion. For a true experience of Korea (or Japan) from the comfort of home, Inspire Me Korea is a winner.

Every topic and theme for a subscription has varying amounts of items. 

However, you can reasonably expect at least 10 products every month. 

While the sisters announced an end to Inspire Me Korea about a year ago, the site is still going strong.

10. Seoulbox

  • General Contents: Snacks, candy, beverages, ramen, cookies, gifts, K-Pop, culture items, K-drama, skincare
  • Cost: $32.50 or $59.95
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Where to Buy:

Seoulbox offers all the latest in regard to pop culture and snacks from South Korea. Specifically, these items are what’s most trendy in Seoul

They have K-pop items, some skincare products, lots of food, plenty of snacks, a myriad of beverages, K-drama merch, and a monthly magazine subscription.

You have total control over your account too. You can purchase the box for a whole year, or you can set it up for every three, four, or six months. If you just want to try one box without a subscription, you can do that as well.

11. Korea Box

  • General Contents: K-pop, Korean culture, skincare, beauty, cosmetics, snacks, food, chips, candy
  • Cost: About $50 to $60 (depending on the subscription and renewal period)
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Where to Buy:

Korea Box specializes in mostly K-pop merchandise and other similar items. However, they have boxes with a little bit of everything. 

There is a standard K-Pop Box but also K-Pop Album, Snacks, and K-Beauty boxes.

Even though each box comes every month, they have various payment tiers from which to pick. 

You can pay every other month, every three months, six months, or yearly. 

Unfortunately, they are all mystery boxes, and they do not itemize the number of products you can expect. 

However, you can customize each box to your personal preferences.

12. Daebak Box

  • General Contents: Jewelry, K-beauty, K-pop, K-drama, Korean culture, food, snacks, gifts
  • Cost: $54.99 (seasonal) / $49.99 (annual)
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Where to Buy:

Daebak Box is a leader in Korean subscription boxes, and they offer separate curated sets surrounding themes such as culture, lifestyle, snacks, and beauty in Korea. 

They also feature K-pop, K-drama, and other trendy merchandise as monthly subscriptions. They include around 10 to 12 different items in their curations.

But, the star of their subscriptions is the Daebak Box, which includes a little bit of everything. 

The only downside is that you must sign up for a membership you pay for on an annual or seasonal basis. 

Plus, there’s not much control over your subscription. However, each month they offer free gifts and other pleasant little surprises.


Korean subscription boxes are the best way to experience Korean trends and culture without actually boarding a plane. 

From food and beauty to K-pop and K-dramas, you can do your Korean culture week at home.

If you’re having a difficult time deciding which to get, review each one that interests you the most. 

Then, go for the one that allows the most control over your subscription and start there. In the event you love what you get, you can expand your subscriptions to include several others.

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