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10 Most Famous Korean YouTubers of All-Time

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Influencer marketing on YouTube is a very profitable pursuit, and it’s gaining traction in South Korea. 

Millions of people view these videos every day. Much like what you see in video content by Western creators, Koreans also publish lots of videos around food along with music, fashion, beauty, comedy, and so much more.

The list below of 10 Korean YouTubers are some of the most popular, famous, and watched on the social media platform. 

They all comprise various categories with millions of views. What’s great about all of them is that they have something unique and different to offer.

Many of them are hilarious, yet others are incredibly talented. We hope you like them as much as we did.

Korean YouTubers Overview

This list of Korean YouTubers contains only those with at least one million subscribers. Their order goes from the most to the fewest followers.

We wanted to feature real people living in Korea doing real things, so there are no K-pop artists or other mainstream celebrities mentioned.

The criterion was simple. Find a collection of channels that offer something original with a little comedy.

This comes backed by millions of followers, plenty of video views overall and a popular video that has gone viral. Some of these are very simple and basic while others go out of their way or over the top.

Unfortunately, not all of these have an accompanying website. However, you can find them on most major social media networks.

  1. Sungha Jung
  2. Yummyboy
  3. Pony SYNDROME
  4. Korean Englishman
  5. Heopop
  6. Thankyou BUBU
  7. Kittisaurus
  9. Korean Unnie
  10. Korea_Grandma

10 Most Famous Korean YouTubers

1. Sungha Jung

  • Category: Music
  • Subscribers: 6.95 million
  • Total Video Views: 1,938,461,885
  • Most Watched Video: “(Movie Theme) Pirates Of The Caribbean”
  • Website:

Sungha Jung is an excellent fingerstyle guitarist from South Korea. He taught himself to play the guitar in 2006, when he was only nine years old. 

In three years he became a YouTube sensation, and now Lakewood sponsors his guitars.

He writes his own music, but he also performs many covers. All of which display his impeccable skill and jaw-dropping precision. 

His own compositions include titles such as “Rise” and “Flaming.” But he does covers of movie and video game theme songs as well as other popular music.

For instance, his most notable covers are from Guns-n-Roses, “Sweet Child o’ Mine,” Stevie Wonder, “Isn’t She Lovely” and the theme music to the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean. 

This last cover has the most views, coming in well over 64 million and counting (as linked above).

2. 야미보이 Yummyboy

  • Category: Korean Street Food
  • Subscribers: 6.93 million
  • Total Video Views: 2,708,901,619
  • Most Watched Video: “Combination Pizza Toast”
  • Website: not applicable

For an experience and journey into the world of Korean street food, Yummyboy has hundreds of uploads. 

There are traditional Korean dishes along with modernized takes on Western foods. Each video on his channel has literally millions of views, with a bevy of comments under every one of them.

As an example, Yummyboy’s most popular video has 113 million views: “Combination Pizza Toast” (as linked above). 

This takes an American-style breakfast and mixes it with Italian pizzazz. You will be incredibly hungry by the time you’re done watching, so eat beforehand.

He also has other kinds of food videos like featuring the handful of Thai street food and amazing food factories in Korea.  

Yummyboy presents some Japanese food as well. Each video has minimal talking, and it takes you through how the cook prepares each dish, uncut and unedited.


  • Category: Makeup & Skincare
  • Subscribers: 5.95 million
  • Total Video Views: 357,705,287
  • Most Watched Video: “Taylor Swift Transformation Makeup”
  • Website: not applicable

Pony SYNDROME is one of the most popular beauty gurus and social media influencers in South Korea. 

Her real name is Park Hye-Min, and she has some of the most creative and innovative cosmetic channels on YouTube as a whole.

Pony is not afraid to play with makeup or push the envelope on style. She has typical everyday looks such as “Glowy Spring” and “Sweet & Soft Glam.” 

However, she has looks such as making herself appear as a koi fish, with sassy Christmas makeup or a video she calls “Blue Dream,” looking like a sparkly blue fairy.

However, her more popular videos are those where she transforms herself into a famous worldwide pop star. 

She has makeup tutorials to look just like Taylor Swift or Kylie Jenner. Some contain verbal instructions, while others are video montages. Either way, she’s an excellent instructor.

4. 영국남자 Korean Englishman

  • Category: Cultural Comedy
  • Subscribers: 5.13 million
  • Total Video Views: 1,704,721,204
  • Most Watched Video: “AVENGERS Actors React to Korean Food”
  • Website: (merchandise)

The creators of Korean Englishman, Ollie, and Josh, aren’t Korean. They’re actually British. But they live in Korea and have several videos mixing and mish-mashing the two cultures. 

There are multitudes of videos of British people trying things in Korea and vice versa.

To illustrate, they have Koreans trying and reacting to Western-style BBQ. British high school students take the Korean equivalent of the SAT, the Suneung. 

But, their most popular video is getting the cast of AVENGERS to taste real Korean food.

All of the videos deliver comedy with an interesting twist, which gives Westerners and Koreans alike a peak into how each views each other. Not only are they informative, but you’re sure to get a few laughs as well.

5. Heopop

  • Category: Comedy
  • Subscribers: 3.99 million
  • Total Video Views: 3,531,996,100
  • Most Watched Video: “It’s crazy funny Dame Tu Cosita Dance Challenge!”
  • Website:

Heopop is another comedy channel with a different take. The creator, Heo Jae-Wan, has one purpose: to make people laugh. 

And he certainly does that with amazing alacrity. Heopop is all about the fun and experimental with a scientific bent. 

For instance, two videos involve filling a swimming pool. One is with slime, and the other has 50,000 water balloons.

However, Heopop’s most popular video is “It’s crazy funny Dame Tu Cosita Dance Challenge!” It has almost 124 million views. 

We don’t want to ruin the surprise, but it involves some of the strangest dance moves in a green suit and makeup.

He uploads about one video a week, and each is unique and innovative in its way. None of the content is boring, and you can get lost in this channel for hours. If you ever need a good laugh, Heopop is the go-to channel.

6. Thankyou BUBU

For at-home workouts blended with comedy, Thankyou BUBU is perfect and features a very fit married couple. 

While many of these videos display their dynamism in the form of appearing as superheroes, they show you how to do simple exercises while offering a few chuckles.

What makes their channel so special is the random and unannounced visits from their adorable little dog. 

This husband and wife creator couple is very thorough in their instructions, and it’s very simple to follow along. This is evident in how pop-up links to other videos appear on the corners of the screen as you watch what they do.

This means you can complete an entire workout on your own. However, their whole channel is in Korean

The good news is that they have English subtitles on all videos, making it very useful for busy professionals and stay-at-home moms.

7. Kittisaurus

  • Category: Pets – Cats
  • Subscribers: 2.85 million
  • Total Video Views: 567,509,528
  • Most Watched Video: “Cat vs Invisible Wall”
  • Website: not applicable

Koreans are famous pet lovers and Kittisaurus shows you just how crazy it can get. If you’re a cat video lover, this channel is for you. 

Claire and her seven cats take you on a journey of their daily life where she basically messes with them and videos their reactions.

For example, her most popular video of 54 million views is “Cat vs. Invisible Wall.” Here, she puts up a wall of plastic cling wrap and shows us how the cats maneuver around this. 

Because they don’t quite realize the barrier, the results are hilarious.

However, you have to hand it to Claire and her cacophony of kitty cats. The house is amazingly clean the woman cares for SEVEN cats!!!! 

Regardless, all of them are fuzzy, cute, and adorable while she confuses and turns their world upside down.


  • Category: Dance & Performance Art
  • Subscribers: 2.25 million
  • Total Video Views: 406,346,852
  • Most Watched Video: “Tiësto & Sevenn – BOOM / Choreography. Jane Kim”
  • Website:

Featuring some of the best dancing out of South Korea, VIVA DANCE STUDIO has an impressive and admirable YouTube channel. All the dancers have fantastic moves, display great skill, and show amazing strength, and impeccable timing.

Their most popular video “Tiësto & Sevenn – BOOM” has over 60 million views and that’s within the last four years. 

It shows a montage of several groups within the studio dancing to the same song, executing the choreography designed by Jane Kim.

They have a bunch of other videos that are well worth watching too. VIVA has its version of “Dame Tu Cosita” and creates choreographies based on songs from the hottest artists in the US and Korea. There are ones from BTS, Cardi B, Rich Brian, Charlie Puth, and many more.

9. Korean Unnie

  • Category: Korean Language Learning
  • Subscribers: 1.23 million
  • Total Video Views: 42,865,297
  • Most Watched Video: “Learn the Top 25 Must-Know Korean Phrases! [INFORMAL]”
  • Website: not applicable

Korean Unnie is a channel that makes learning how to speak, listen to, and read Korean incredibly fun. “Unnie” is “aunt” in Korean and the name intends to endear viewers. 

The only downside is that she has decided to take a brief break for a little while from making YouTube videos.

Regardless, her most famous video has about five million views, and it’s all about knowing the top 25 must-know Korean phrases (as linked above). 

These include things like hello, goodbye, goodnight, did you eat, my name is _______, please, I’m hungry, okay, and many others.

She has a great command of the English language and shows viewers the crossover between Korean and the English language. 

There are also some fantastic mnemonic devices in the form of songs for things like numbers, the “Korean Carrot Song” and the “Cute Korean Milk Song.”

10. Korea_Grandma

  • Category: Comedy & Lifestyle
  • Subscribers: 1.3 million
  • Total Video Views: 457,728,968
  • Most Watched Video: “Bibim noodle rough recipe”
  • Website: not applicable

This adorable and hilarious channel features the daily life, musings, wisdom, and cooking skills of a Korean Grandma. 

She has a no-nonsense way of interacting with viewers and has no qualms iterating her opinions. Plus, the food looks amazing.

This is especially true when you watch her most popular video, “Bibim noodle rough recipe.” 

With over 10 million views, it’s funny while also making your mouth water. But there are other videos too of things like visiting family, meeting celebrities, and trying on high-end lipstick.

Korea Grandma has won the hearts of millions within the boundaries of South Korea and beyond. 

She’ll capture you too with her fabulous recipes and timeless wisdom. From noodles to ramen, there’s something there you’ll surely love.


While there are many other Korean YouTubers to explore, these are the most compelling ones. They all have quality content to keep you entertained for hours. 

While each has its own angle and flair, there’s something informative and uplifting from every one of these channels.

Keep your eye out for up-and-coming YouTube content creators from South Korea. 

The trend is gaining quite a bit of traction, with new ones coming out all the time and showing great promise for the future. All of them are very innovative, creative, and well planned.

You never know. These 10 Korean YouTubers might just inspire you to start your own channel. Who knows? It may even go viral in South Korea.

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