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Kpop Streaming Guide For Beginners

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Want to support your favorite group? Follow this Kpop Streaming Guide and stream your favorite songs!

Streaming Kpop songs have been more and more popular. Many fans want to break the world record of most views in 24 hours. BTS has done this many times in the past, and the fans want their favorite group to stay at the top.

If you’re not into Kpop, you’ve probably never heard about this, which is normal. However, if you want to learn about Kpop streaming yourself, there are many ways to do this. To start with, there are three main platforms where you can stream Kpop songs.

Some people use bots while others stream manually, but we’re getting into both methods down below. The majority of people that stream Kpop music videos refresh the page. That’s not always working because YouTube sometimes has slow updating times.

It has gotten better throughout the years, but in the majority of Kpop music releases, the views freeze. Other people just open multiple tabs and start playing music videos. That can work, but it’s not very effective if you want to mass stream Kpop videos.

What Is Kpop Streaming?

In short, Kpop streaming is streaming as many times as possible their favorite music video. This mostly happens when a Kpop group comes back or debuts. There’s a lot of hype around a debut or comeback because the average lifetime of an idol is around ten years.

Once they get older, the idols move on and probably won’t be making music anymore. People want to enjoy as much as their favorite groups as possible and support them by Kpop streaming.

You might be thinking that people are obsessed with their groups, but that’s not the case at all. Streaming Kpop videos is just a small effort the fans are willing to do since the majority of the fans live overseas.

Why Do Fans Stream Kpop Music Videos?

Kpop fans stream Music videos because they want to support their idols. It’s been like this for the last couple of years now, and Kpop groups have been breaking 24-hour view counts many times in a row.

If you look at the watch history of some YouTube videos, it’s actually insane how people are dedicated to helping their idols.  The fans crush the replay button and play the song repeatedly until the view count goes higher and higher.

You don’t really see that in other countries, a whole dedicated fan base that works together just to stream music videos for their idols.

How To Stream Kpop On YouTube?

This streaming guide is used by many people that it helps you increase views for your favorite Kpop group. The most popular groups that use these streaming techniques are BTS, EXO, BLACKPINK, and TWICE.

If you haven’t been using this streaming technique yet, I highly recommend you do so if you are a true fan that’s willing to support your group.

Streaming Kpop on a PC

Step 1. Create a YouTube account and add a profile picture.

Step 2. Search the music video you want to stream. Clicking on links from other social platforms to the music video also works.

Step 3. Avoid commenting with #hashtags

Step 4. Do not open any links from the comment section. This can make the views freeze.

Step 5. Do not skip advertisements!

Step 6. Never mute the whole video. It’s best to play it around 50% volume.

Step 7. Never change the speed of the video, always play at 1x.

Step 8. Make sure to play the video on at least 480p quality.

Step 9. Watch the whole video from start to finish without skipping in between or pausing.

Step 10. Never refresh the page directly from the browser itself

Step 11. Play one or two other videos in between the music video to make you look like a REAL HUMAN.

Step 12. Avoid using playlists for the first 24 hours.

Step 13. Do not delete your watch history from YouTube

Step 14. Repeat from step 2 and keep supporting your favorite Kpop groups!

Streaming Kpop on a Phone

As you might know already, streaming Kpop music videos can be done on different devices. Keep in mind that streaming on the phone will drain your battery, especially if you’re planning to stream overnight. So make sure to keep your charger connected to your phone while following this streaming guide.

Step 1. Download the YouTube app from the app store or play store.

Step 2. Create a YouTube account or log in if you already have an account.

Step 3. Search the music video you are planning to stream

Step 4. Keep the volume around 50%, do not skip ads, and keep the playback speed at 1x!

Step 5. Watch the whole video from start to finish and make sure to watch 1 or 2 video’s in between the music video to look REAL.

Step 6. Do not create playlists in the first 24 hours. Make sure to like the video and leave a personalized comment.

Step 7. Repeat from step 3 for as long as possible.

Why Are People So Obsessed With Kpop Streaming?

Many people that are obsessed with streaming videos are often the ones that are real fans. They support their idols no matter what they go through. They are also the ones that are in love with the idols.

Keep in mind that the idols create a fake image and aren’t like that in real life. Many people don’t like hearing that, but that’s the truth. For fans that live overseas, the only thing they can do is stream the music videos.

It’s not like they can fly to Korea to attend their concerts. That’s why the majority of people that live overseas are obsessed with streaming music videos. It’s a nice gesture to support the idol group, and they know that there are people that like their music, and it gives them a good feeling every time they release music.

Why Are People So Obsessed With Kpop Streaming

The 7 Most Popular Kpop Streaming Services

1. Melon

The Melon app is a web-based streaming service most people use in Korea, and this is like the Korean version of Spotify but different. If you’re ever going to visit Korea, you’ll see that everyone uses Melon.

The app is extremely easy to use, and people love this app. It’s the go-to app for music streaming in Korea, and you can watch videos on it or stream music.

Generally speaking, many people overseas probably have never heard about this app, and if you aren’t into streaming Kpop video’s you’re never going to use this yourself.

2. Genie

Genie is another app like Melon, and it’s one of the best streaming platforms in Korea. Many people use this, and it’s extremely easy to use. You always see people promote their music using this app, and I’ve been using this for the last couple of months now.

It’s very easy to use and user friendly even for foreigners, it’s not that hard. It helps groups get higher in the rankings when people use this streaming app. Sometimes if an idol gets #1 on all streaming platforms, people also call it an ALL-KILL.

3. SoundCloud

SoundCloud we’ve all heard about. It’s often the place where new young artists get popular. Many idols share their music on SoundCloud in the hope of getting a hit. This is also the case for people in the US and other countries overseas.

If you haven’t heard about this app, you’re probably missing out on some huge upcoming artists. The majority of artists that put out music started with SoundCloud back in the days.

It’s a free app you can download from the app store or play store. Just give it a look if you’re interested. Idols like BI have numerous songs on this app that aren’t released on platforms like Spotify or YouTube.

4. Flo

The Korean Flo music app is also an alternative you can use whenever you’re visiting Korea. This app is extremely modern and easy to use. The songs that are mostly on here are often in English. However, there are also many Korean ballad songs.

What makes the Flo app special is that you can create sharable playlists extremely easy. Suppose you find a new song that you want to share with your friends and start mass streaming it. This is the app for you, and people share playlists all day on this app.

5. Naver Vibe

Naver Vibe is a paid app made by Naver Corp, and it’s one of the biggest companies in Korea. They release everything from classic, hip hop, and Kpop songs. I really like this app myself, and I’ve been recommending this to all of my friends.

The only downside is that it’s a paid app, and most people aren’t willing to pay for an app. The same is paying for Spotify premium. However, many people in the US do actually pay from Spotify premium because of the ads they run.

6. Bugs

Bugs is a Korean subscription service that’s pretty similar to Spotify or YouTube premium. It’s one of the major streaming services in Korea that help songs top the charts. It’s great for downloading songs or regular song streaming.

If you want to support your favorite idols, make sure to use this app, especially if you can afford it. It’s around $10 a month like many other streaming apps. Keep in mind that you should only do this if you are willing to spend money for streaming their music.

7. YouTube Music

YouTube music everyone knows, and it’s been one of the most popular streaming apps worldwide. YouTube music is a free app in the app and play store, and if you haven’t been using this, you’re really missing out.

The app is extremely easy to use and especially for people that never used a streaming app before. This is the main app I use for streaming Kpop music videos, and it’s been like that for the last couple of years.

It’s definitely worth giving it a try, but the majority of people that are reading probably already have this app. It’s almost as big as other Social media apps like Facebook or Instagram, if not even bigger.

8. Shazam

Shazam is also a very popular streaming app in Korea, and it’s available in the app store and play store. I must say that I haven’t been using this app for a long time now because there are too many options. However, there’s one feature that I really like about this app.

You can find any song you want by playing it in the background. The app works extremely well and is also user friendly. If you ever want to find a song you don’t know the title of, this your lifesaver.

9. Spotify

As of last, there’s the Spotify app. This one isn’t used by many people in Korea since there are many others. However, if you look at it from the other countries like the US or Europe, Spotify is definitely a winner, and it will probably be like that for many years to come.

Spotify has a free version but also a paid subscription. You can create streaming playlists here, which is probably the easiest method for streaming Kpop songs.


Now that you’ve come to the end of this article, I hope you’ve found a good method to stream your favorite Kpop music videos. There’s no need to delete browser cookies are anything like that. Many people think that’s the only way to cheat the system, but you don’t have to do that.

We can help each other by streaming MV’s when they release. Also, there’s no need to stream all videos in HD, and keep in mind to avoid creating playlists in the first 24 hours. Avoid clicking on hashtags in the comments, and make sure to like the video.

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