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Mamamoo Solar Diet: Healthy Dieting

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Wondering how Solar from Mamaoo lost weight? Here is the Solar diet!

Alternative Kpop Diets

Solar is a singer and leader of the group Mamamoo; they are very popular in Korea and slowly getting more known internationally. If you haven’t heard about Mamamoo, you’re really missing out on some great music. 

Solar is known for her amazing singing skills and dance practices. She is an all-rounder if you look at some other Kpop idols. What I really like about her is that she’s herself there’s no made-up personality for her. 

You often see companies create personalities for their idols before they debut. With Solar, this is not the case at all, and you can see she actually enjoys being an idol instead of just doing it for the work. She has also started her own YouTube channel that you can check out here below if you’re interested.

What Should You Eat?

There are many different foods that you can try however the key takeaways are the ones here below. These foods are the ones most idols eat and are very healthy. There’s no need to create your own diet when you can just follow this one. 

I’ve been following this diet for many years now and have lost a ton of weight, it was extremely hard initially, but if you look at the training Kpop idols go through, this is nothing. It really does work. However, you have to stick with it.

There’s no exact meal plan of Solar’s diet, so we’ve created a similar one from other Kpop idol diets.


Eggs are one of the most important foods you can eat, most people that workout eat eggs every day. If you look at some Kpop idols, you can see that most of them have personal trainers. The personal trainers create a diet plan for them, and almost every time, there are eggs within the diet.

Salads are extremely popular in South Korea. Well, it’s popular everywhere in the world, but most idols eat salads pretty often. If you look at Solar her YouTube channel, you can see that she also likes eating salads.

Rice, there’s no explanation needed for this. In all Asian countries, they eat rice for dinner. Some countries also eat rice for breakfast or lunch, but it can be switched out for noodles. It’s just personal preference, but rice fills up your stomach easily while also keeping the diet healthy.

Low-fat meat is something you might be thinking of that it’s bad for the diet. However, eating some meat here and is great. Meat is full of nutrients, if you didn’t know that already, and it fits great into a lot of meal plans.

What Should You Avoid?

What Should You Avoid

Foods that you should avoid are mostly sweets and snacks. Try to avoid snacking, especially at midnight, since studies have shown that it’s not healthy. Even if you’re very hungry at night, try to go to bed, and the next morning you’ll feel less hungry. 

That’s what I always do, I go to bed extremely early, and when I wake up, I can go for another 3 to 4 hours without food. It’s also called intermittent fasting, I don’t know if Solar from Mamamoo does this, but this way of dieting has become more popular.

So, now that you know what to avoid try adding other key activities to your routine like exercising or reading. Those activities can really help you develop yourself, and that’s what it did for me, at least.

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Mamamoo Solar Diet Plan

As you might know, already there’s no exact diet plan for Solar. However, we’ve created a similar one above that you can check out. We’ve analyzed the different diets from other Kpop idols and created one diet that looks like it.

If you haven’t been dieting already, we recommend you trying it out for at least 1 week. If you can do 1 week, you can do many more, but you just need to get started. What I really like doing is dance practicing to Kpop songs because I like those songs, and it keeps me active.

It might not be for everyone, but if you find something you enjoy while being active, that would be perfect. It doesn’t have to be every day. You can start out by doing it once or twice a week and slowly build up.

That’s what most people do when starting out. If you look at Kpop idols their diet plan, you can see a clear path they’re going for. It’s most often a crash diet, which is also known for short term diet. After their promotions are over, they get back to their regular routine. 

This is very understandable because the diets most Kpop idols follow, like Solar, are extreme. You don’t need to follow extreme idol diets, especially when you’re just starting out.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve come to the end of this article, I hope you’ve found the information you were looking for. As you probably know now, almost all idols diet, and it’s not easy to get started. That’s why idols often have professional trainers helping them.

Idols have it very hard. If you look at their concerts, you can see them struggling very hard, and a good example of this is BTS. BTS is extremely hard working and finally is getting more known worldwide. We hope that this is going to happen with Mamamoo and Solar as well later on in their career.

We should keep supporting their career no matter what they are going through. Let’s keep streaming their music and enjoy their performances.

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