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The Park Shin Hye diet isn’t much to talk about since there’s not much information about it. We’ve tried to do as much research as possible, but she doesn’t talk much about her diet. Her diet consists of cucumber, low-fat milk, cabbage, and some brown rice.

If you’re interested in reading more about this, then please keep reading on. It’s not recommended to try this diet yourself.

As you can see, her diet isn’t healthy at all, and the calorie intake is extremely low, especially for some that an actress.

Diet Journey

parkshinhye diet

In 2015 Park Shin Hye made headlines in the newspaper for her extreme diet. It was so small that people were shocked. The calorie intake was only 350 calories a day, and that was it. People said it was too harsh to follow.

Since 2009 she’s been gaining some weight and was fat-shamed by many Korean TV shows and online media. They criticized her body and imperfections. She was often referred to as “Chubby” or “Fat” in the media.

For someone that’s pretty young, it’s very harsh and hard to deal with. Sadly in Korea, the beauty standards are very different, and they criticize every little imperfection they notice.

She later revealed that she doesn’t eat after 6 PM because of her diet. This helps losing weight, and another, she also mentioned that she eats no more than two meals a day when dieting.

After a couple of years have passed, she got a lot of support and love from the fans. Many brands cast her in CF’s, and she became even more popular.

Some people even said that she was one of the most beautiful Korean actresses ever to exist. She was all-natural and didn’t have any plastic surgery done.

Since then, she’s been maintaining her weight up to this day, which is very impressive for someone with a very busy schedule.

She’s been landing many roles for Korean dramas and winning many awards ever since. I hope she will continue to keep winning awards, and I’ll keep supporting her no matter what.

Are Two Meals a Day Enough?

No, two meals are not enough; if you look at this diet, it only has 350 calories, and if you compare it to the average intake of a female, it’s extremely low.

That’s why it’s not recommended to follow this diet yourself. It’s too dangerous, and it will make you extremely tired, especially if you have no personal assistant.

The only scenario where two meals are enough is if they are both 500+ calories, but that’s a lot in one meal. Most people eat three meals a day, which is also better.

Should You Try This Diet Yourself?

No, it would help if you never tried this diet yourself because it’s too harsh. Even if you were going to try this diet, you’re starving yourself, and that’s not good. People that have tried this diet never recommend it since the calorie intake is too low.

It drains all your energy, and you’ll probably feel weak throughout the day. So, the easiest way to lose weight is by creating your diet and start exercising. Many people that want to lose weight never exercise and keep procrastinating.

If you want to lose weight, you should start today and make plans. If you don’t have the motivation to start yourself, hire a personal trainer.


Now that you’ve come to the end of this article, you can see that this diet is one of the most extreme kpop diets.  What you should do is try to create a personal diet yourself and fit your needs. This will make dieting easier, and you’ll start to lose weight.

That’s what I did, and I’ve lost about 5 pounds of weight in a couple of weeks. It might sound very hard, but it’s not. You only need to track your calorie intake and avoid snacking. That’s all you need to do.

I do recommend working out since that’s good for the overall health. I’ve been working out for about four months now, and I’ve never felt this healthy.

Do Mukbangers Eat All the Food?

Yes, mukbangers eat all the food every time they record a video. It might not look like they can eat all the food, but they actually do. Most mukbanger eat all the food in front of the camera.

How Do Mukbangers Maintain Their Weight

Mukbangers maintain their weight by exercising regularly. Eating small portions instead of three large meals a day is another way that Mukbangers maintain their weight. Mukbang YouTubers also tend to avoid fast food and fried food.

How Do Mukbangers Eat so Much

Mukbangers can eat a lot of food because it’s the only meal they eat in a day. Generally speaking, mukbangers eat one meal a day in front of the camera. This meal is often more than 2500 calories.

How Do Mukbangers Not Gain Weight

Mukbangers do not gain weight because they don’t overeat in one sitting. They also only have one big meal a day. This really helps to stay in shape and not gain weight.

Is Mukbang Healthy

No, mukbang is not healthy because you eat huge amounts of fast food in one sitting. Eating more calories than you can take will always be bad for your health because it can lead to obesity and other related health problems.

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