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Red Velvet Seulgi Diet: Tips and Tricks

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Wondering how Seulgi from Red Velvet lost weight? Here is the Red Velvet Seulgi Diet with Tips and Tricks!

Kang Seulgi is a member of Red Velvet, also known as Seulgi. The group debuted in 2014 and have been increasing their popularity year over year. With the popularity, there also comes many public opinions, and this is where dieting is a huge issue. 

Especially for Kpop idols, it has been a big topic for many years now. Most of them just diet and follow their diet plans the company creates for them. It’s been known that the manager of SM Entertainment is very strict on dieting.

They want their idols to look at their best and do it to keep the idols grounded. If you look at Seulgi you can see that she’s perfect, she can dance, sing and is pretty. She’s like the perfect idol but keeps in mind that she’s also going through a diet, and this happens mostly behind the scenes. 

Seulgi Diet Plan

Seulgi Diet

There’s no exact diet plan from Seulgi, but if we look at her previous television appearances, we can get a similar diet to her. It’s been known that she would only consume 500 calories a day max, and this would only be drinking soy milk.

As you can see, this diet is very extreme. Seulgi would drink soy milk whenever she was hungry, and if you look at the overall calorie intake, it’s not even average. In fact, it’s almost half of the average calorie intake. An average woman eats and drinks around 1500-2000 calories a day.

If you look at Seulgi’s diet, she eats way less than that, and we hope that she doesn’t have to go through such hardship again. It’s very dangerous to try this diet yourself, and it’s not recommended at all. Make sure to create a diet that suits your own style.

There’s no need to follow Kpop idols their diets just because they lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time. Weight loss is something that takes time and won’t happen overnight, so if you haven’t started yet, make sure to take a look at some other diet plans.

Diet Tips

Kpop Idol Diet Plan Tips

There are many diet tips that you can follow. We’ve created the top 4 diet tips that are easy and good for beginners. We’ve tried these tips ourselves, and they really work if you’re consistent, don’t slack off after the first week and try to do it for at least 30 days before giving up.

Workout is key to losing weight, especially if you look at idols you can see that they have dance practice almost every day and after that, they also go to the gym. For most people, this might look like a lot, but once you’ve created a good routine that you like, it won’t be a hassle anymore. 

So, get started with working out and get the body like Seugli. Her body is gorgeous and has been one of the most beautiful bodies we’ve ever seen from a Kpop idol. Her legs are so defined, and she can dance like nobody. Some people also call her the best female dancer in the whole Kpop industry.

Stay Consistent. Make sure to not slack off, especially not in the first couple of days. If you happen to slack off on the first day, start over again and keep going until you’ve finally reached the 30 days. Many idols like Seulgi also find it extremely hard to diet.

There’s no such thing as losing weight easily, so consistency is key, and there are no diet secrets out there. It’s hard work and dedication, at the end of the 30 days, it will all be worth it, and you’ll look happily back at the day you wanted to quit.

Eat Healthy every day, most idols already eat healthily, but you should create a meal plan if you don’t know what to eat like most people. If you have a meal plan, you know exactly what to eat at which time. This really helped me get started, and it also helps you stop thinking about what to eat the next day.

It will relieve a huge burden because most people think about what they are going to eat days in advance, and by meal prepping, you’re avoiding this whole problem. Idols often have cafeterias where they eat, the companies like JYP have a very healthy cafeteria for the idols and employees.

Drink A Lot of Water. This is very important because you want to stay hydrated every time you go outside or do any work. Staying hydrated is very important because it also keeps the body energized and fills up the stomach for a bit.

You’ll avoid getting hungry and drinking water, in general, is great. You can also drink other things like smoothies or juices. That’s what we advise if you don’t like drinking a lot of water since smoothies fill you up, they’re healthy, and it’s easy to make.

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Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve come to the end of this article, you can see how hard Seulgi her diet is and why you shouldn’t be trying this yourself. The calorie intake is too low for most people to function normally throughout the day.

You want to stray energized and hydrated, especially if you have lots of things to do. Seulgi revealed her diet in a television program where she said that she drank soy milk every time she got hungry. As you can probably tell already, it’s not good to try yourself.

We hope you’ve found the information you were looking for and can spread to word to avoid this diet. Keep in mind that we support Seulgi no matter what she’s going to do in the future, and we’ll stream their music like there’s no tomorrow.

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