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Skincare Routine: Before or After Shower?

Jason Park
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Going to take a shower, don’t know if you should use skincare before, during, or after?

It’s a common problem amongst many people, but it’s not something that is too difficult to find out. One tip: using skincare products during the shower save a lot of time.

Sleep 15 minutes longer while doing your whole skincare routine during the shower.

Stop there!

Sadly, it doesn’t work like that. Some products do work while others don’t.

In this article, I’ll explain which products can be used before, during, and after the shower.

Let’s get started.

Use Skincare Before or After a Shower?

Skincare should be used after the shower. During the shower, your clogs will open up, which means the skin will be more vulnerable to skincare products.

This also gives an opportunity to wash out all of the dirt and sweat from your face.

Even for people with sensitive skin, it’s good to follow a skincare routine after showering.

I’ve used skincare before the shower too but my clogged pores didn’t go away. So I highly recommend using a skincare routine after a shower.

However, there are products that are better to be used before, during, and after the shower. Read further to find out.

Skincare Products to Use Before Shower

Products that can be used before the shower are:

  • Sheet Masks
  • Toners
  • Essence
  • Oil-based cleansers
  • Water-based cleansers

Use these products before the shower and you’ll get glowing skin. I’ve personally used cleansers before the shower because it makes removing makeup easier.

It can also be done during the shower, however, it’ll probably be a hassle to do that.

So to avoid irritation use these products before showering.

Skincare Products to Use During Shower

Products that can be used during the shower are:

  • Facial cleansers
  • Mud masks
  • Any type of rinse-off masks

These are the main products that can be used during the shower. Using these will give you healthy skin, but I’m not saying it works for everyone.

I’ve noticed my skin improved significantly after using facial cleansers during the shower. Double cleansing can be time-consuming and doing this during the shower it’ll save you a lot of time.

Note: I double cleanse, meaning one before shower and one after.

Skincare Products to Use After Shower

Products that can be used after the shower are:

  • Sheet masks
  • Moisturizers
  • SPF/Sunscreen
  • Eye cream
  • Night cream

Never use these during the shower. You will be literally rinsing it off and wasting product if you do. That’s something I’ve seen many people do during the shower.

It’s a waste of your money. Waste of your beauty routine. Waste of Time.

So never use these products before or during the shower.

Unless you want to burn a hole in your wallet. Other shower products like shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks should al be used during the shower.

But that’s common sense.

However, should you even be using skincare during the shower. Is it better to use all of your skincare products after the shower?

Should You Use Skincare During The Shower?

No, skincare products should not be used during the shower. Unless you really need to. Using skincare products during the shower will be less effective. Once you apply the skincare, it’ll be all rinsed off from the water.

So, don’t use skincare during the shower.

The best and most effective way of using skincare is right after the shower.

This will benefit normal skin types, oily skin, and dry skin the most. Your clogged pores will open up after taking a hot shower.

Making it perfect for the skincare products to absorb right into the skin.

Pro Tip: Always use lukewarm water when using any type of skincare product.

I’ve used many skincare products during the shower as a test… Yes really!

And I can say with confidence that it’s no better used to use them during the shower. Get the most out of your money and use all of your skincare after the shower.

What About Waterproof Skincare for the Shower?

No, don’t use waterproof skincare when showering. Waterproof only means it’s harder to remove, it’s not water-resistant. Therefore using waterproof skincare in the shower is not very smart.

And yes… I’ve done this too.

It doesn’t work and I have tested it many times before. Do not use waterproof skincare during the shower.

If you’re talking about hair products, then it’s okay to use them during the shower. But skincare?

Just no.

Don’t do it.

Can You Store Skincare In The Shower?

Yes, storing your skincare in the shower is perfectly fine. In fact, it’s the best place to keep your skincare. You can keep face masks, hair masks, or anything you want in the shower.

Keeping your skincare in the shower is easy to access and tons of people do it.

There are people that use a different makeup desk/table for applying skincare. But that costs a lot of money. If you’re just getting into skincare, then it’s a great option to store it in the shower.

Storing skincare can be done:

  • In the refrigerator
  • In a dry cabinet of any type
  • Shower
  • Living room

It doesn’t really matter where you store skincare, as long as it stays out of the wet places. Also, always make sure to close any skincare products.

Don’t leave them open, especially if it’s a product that will dry quickly.

I store all of my skincare in the shower because it’s easy to access. And I can apply it right after showering, no need to walk over to my desk.

If you haven’t been doing this already, chances are, you’re wasting your time by walking to your skincare desk.

Give it a go, and you’ll be surprised how handy this actually is.


All in all, skincare should be used after the shower. This will leave your skin fresh and clean after taking a shower.

And you will get more out of it compared to using skincare before the shower.

Don’t waste your skincare, it’s getting more and more expensive these days. Be smart about how you use it, and take advantage of using it after the shower.

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