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The Pros and Cons of a Kpop Idol

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Becoming an idol isn’t easy, especially if you aren’t sure if it’s worth it. We did some research about the pros and cons of becoming an idol and what it takes to become successful as an idol.

Pros and Cons of a Kpop Idol

Many people that want to become an idol start at a very young age and give up their whole childhood to train. These kinds of people have lots of dedication and are willing to give up everything they have to make a debut.

After doing some thorough research, here are the pros and cons of becoming a kpop idol.


  • You can earn a lot of money if you’re successful.
  • The ability to do what you love the most and inspire others
  • People recognize you everywhere you go. 
  • Idols often get special treatments from the public
  • Real fans support you matter what you’re going to do.


  • There will be haters that hate on you for no reason.
  • People will try to sabotage you because they’re jealous.
  • It takes years of training before getting a chance.
  • Visuals play a huge role in becoming a kpop idol
  • Very little to no privacy.

Is Being a Kpop Idol Worth It?

Yes, the majority of people that become a trainee that successfully debut as a Kpop idol say it’s worth it. However, the trainees that don’t make it and have wasted many years say it isn’t worth it. The competition for becoming a Kpop idol has grown, and it’s a very crowded career.

It takes many years of hard work and dedication before even getting the chance to debut. Many companies like JYP, YG, and SM Entertainment have hundreds of trainees to choose from.

If the trainee isn’t good enough, they can just kick them out of the company. So, if you’re thinking about becoming a kpop idol, think thoroughly about it first and know what you’re getting yourself into.

It can take years before getting a chance, and that doesn’t guarantee a debut. Once you’ve debuted, that doesn’t mean your success because no one knows you yet.

Why Do People Want To Become a Kpop Idol?

Many people want to become a kpop idol because it has lots of benefits. A huge plus is that you can do something you love instead of working a 9 to 5 job that you hate. It can be really stressful being an idol, but for most people, it’s worth it.


The fame you get from being an idol is insane. Everyone wants a picture or a signature, and it goes on and on. If you’re really famous, everything you wear, touch, and buy will rise in value. This is the case for some idols like G-Dragon.

It can get too much where idols have no privacy, but the problem can be solved by buying a huge mansion with security. This is where the money is very handy, and you can earn lots of it if you become very famous.


Earning money for kpop idols isn’t a lot, especially when they debut. The salary differs for each idol and how much debt they have to pay the company back. However, once the debt is paid off, idols can earn up to $250,000 a month if they have a couple of hits through the year. 

Some idols earn even more if you look at idols like the members of BTS. It’s been known that their yearly salary is in the millions from album sales, concerts, and streams.


A huge benefit of being an idol is that you can follow your passion and do what you love. Not everyone can do something they enjoy. The majority of people graduate and get a degree in something they don’t even like doing.

For an idol, it’s different, but it’s a bigger commitment because it can take many years to get a chance to debut. Keep in mind that there’s no guarantee to debut as an idol.

Can Anyone Become a Kpop Idol?

Yes, anyone can become an idol if you can sing, dance, and have visuals. Those are the three most important factors to becoming a trainee. Once you get accepted into an entertainment company, the real training starts.

The kpop trainee schedule that you have to follow is very tiring, and you probably won’t have off days. Idols have said before that trainees from overseas don’t see their family often. It’s probably once every couple of years. Still, that’s not guaranteed.

So, in short, everyone can become a kpop idol if they have the talent and visuals. It’s going to take a long time, but with the right dedication and hard work, you can eventually become a successful kpop idol.

What Is The Age Limit of Becoming a Kpop Idol?

The minimum age of becoming a trainee is probably around 4 to 5. That’s the age where kids learn to talk, walk and even dance. Entertainment companies take in any trainee, and they don’t look at the age since it doesn’t matter to them as long as the parents agree.

Most entertainment companies often think the younger the kids are, the more we can teach them. That is partially true, but kids at this age can’t make decisions for themselves yet. Maybe they don’t even want to become an idol.

The maximum age limit of becoming a kpop idol is 65+, and even then, you can become a kpop idol. Idols like Eric Nam started at an older age than the typical idol, and he still became very successful. 

Keep in mind that the older you become, the harder it will be to become a kpop idol, but if you’re still in your twenties, there is still a chance of becoming a kpop idol.


Now that you’ve come to the end of the article, you probably know that there are many pros and cons to becoming a kpop idol. It really depends on what kind of risk you’re willing to take and if it’s worth it for you.

The majority of trainees that eventually become a successful trainees say it’s worth it. However, it takes many years, and there’s no guarantee of becoming an idol. Now that you know that it’s up to you what you’re going to do.

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