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The Ulzzang Diet: Korean Dieting

Jason Park
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Curious how the Ulzzang diet works? Here is the full 14-day Ulzzang diet to try yourself!

Ulzzang is people that are known to be pretty and handsome, and those are the people called Ulzzang. They are often very popular in schools and are known to become an idol in the future. Some become idols while others become models. 

There are many body types and Kpop diets out there, but many of them don’t even work. Those are often too hard to follow yourself, and it’s not worth it. Diets that promise you to lose weight very fast are also called crash diets. 

These diets should never be followed, and to be franker, they should be avoided. Many idols that have followed crash diets are most likely to still struggle with their weight to this day because of the wrong way of dieting.

However, they also have to keep their diet in check. It’s important to maintain their weight and lose weight if needed. So, how do Ulzzang’s lose weight? Keep reading if you’re interested in following this diet yourself.

Ulzzang Diet Plan

Ulzzang Diet Plan

The diet plan goes as follows, It’s worked out in a 14 day diet plan where the calorie intake lowers each day. There’s also a full list of what foods to avoid while dieting. This is the diet plan I’ve been following for over three months now, and it has been a great experience.

I must say that achieving an ulzzang body isn’t easy at all, and the weight loss goal takes a lot of time. It won’t happen overnight. However, after staying dedicated for several weeks, you’ll see some results, and it will go really fast.

For me, it took a couple of weeks before seeing some change. This was very hard for me because I wanted fast results. I came to realize that it takes real dedication and time to lose weight. It won’t happen in 1 day or a week.

Let’s get right to the full 14 day diet plan and get started as soon as possible. Achieve that ulzzang body and walk with confidence!

Daily ScheduleCalorie IntakeBreakfastLunchDinner
Day 12000Oat mealSandwichRice, beans and kimchi
Day 21980YogurtToastRice, beans and kimchi
Day 31900CornflakesSweet potatoRice, beans and kimchi
Day 41950BananaWhey ShakeRice, beans and kimchi
Day 518002 boiled eggsChicken breastRice, beans and kimchi
Day 617551 boiled eggSaladRice, beans and kimchi
Day 71700Sweet potatoSaladRice, beans and kimchi
Day 81658Sweet potatoSaladRice, beans and kimchi
Day 91650Sweet potatoSaladRice, beans and kimchi
Day 101650Sweet potatoSaladRice, beans and kimchi
Day 111556Sweet potatoSaladRice, beans and kimchi
Day 121550Sweet potatoSaladRice, beans and kimchi
Day 131500Sweet potatoSaladRice, beans and kimchi
Day 141520Sweet potatoSaladRice, beans and kimchi

Ulzzang Workout Routine

Working out might look like a hassle in the beginning, but over time it gets easier. This is what happened to me, and I followed the 7 day workout routine I’ve created here below. It’s extremely easy to follow, and over a couple of weeks, I saw some huge results.

If you want to check out my workout routine, check it out here. If you’ve never worked out before, it’s great to get started. You don’t need to do everything the first day. Start small and slowly build up, and eventually, it will get better.

How To Get An Ulzzang Look

ulzzang look

Getting the Ulzzang look is pretty easy, actually. Many people think it’s very hard and take a very long time. There’s no typical ulzzang look so, now that you know this, it’s even easier. The ulzzang look is just a term people call handsome and good looking people.

However, everyone is beautiful in their own way, so there’s no need to change yourself. What you could do is lose weight if you wanted to. Many people that want to lose weight often don’t know where to start. 

Another thing is skincare. Having clear skin makes you more attractive and look cleaner. What I personally do is drink green tea every morning. This really helps me get the day started and having a consistent workout routine.

So, now that you know how to look like an ulzzang, get started and make sure to stay motivated. It’s very easy to slack off, especially when following a skincare routine or working out. However, those are the two most important things if you really want to achieve an ulzzang look.

The thing that we’ve noticed is that all people that are called “ulzangs” are the ones that take very good care of their skin and workout to stay fit.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve come to the end of this article, you know that the ulzzang diet we’ve created takes on average 14 days. You can try this diet plan yourself and achieve the goal weight you’ve always been wanting. 

Of course, there are many different diets out there, but this one was the only one that worked for me. So, if you want to try it, give it a try, and eventually, you’ll start to lose weight. Every morning I drink green tea and maybe you should too, it really helps me get started in the morning.

It gives my body an energized feeling, and I am excited to get started. Keep in mind Koreans eat a lot of vegetables because of the side dishes they have. Side dishes in Korea are often full of vitamins and protein, which is known to be good for the skin.

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