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Increasing Its Social Presence In The Korean Blogging Space.

TheKoreanGuide is the go-to place for everything about Korea. From skincare to Kpop and much more.

The official acquisition date is January 23, 2022.

TheKoreanguide specializes in Korean skincare. They review Kpop, Diets, Beauty Products, and everything you need to know about Korea.


With the help of Korean locals affiliated with the company, they’re known for always finding out the truth about anything Korea-related anywhere.

If you’re thinking about traveling to Korea yourself. Make sure to check out

It’s by far the best Korean source for all your needs.

The company has been able to connect with many fans of its content, as it is highly engaging with all posts. It has a successful social media presence on Pinterest.

It will be interesting to see how the acquisition of will affect TheKoreanGuide’s social media presence in the Korean blogging space.

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