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Twice Diet | The Secret To Maintaining The Perfect Body

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Want to find out what the Twice diet is and maybe even try it yourself? Find out in this article how the Twice diet works!

How are the members of twice maintaining the perfect body every time they perform? If you’re interested in this and see what kind of diets they went through to achieve, keep reading on.

Who Are The Members of Twice?

Twice is a girl group that has nine members. They are formed in a TV program called sixteen, and the concept goes as follows: out of many members, nine are chosen by the fans, and those will debut as Twice.

Now many years have passed, Twice is one of the biggest girl groups worldwide. Every time they release a song, it blows up and gains millions of views. Each member has a different role and is all talented, so if you haven’t checked them out already, I highly recommend you do.

Jihyo’s Diet

Twice Jihyo is the group leader, and many people hated her in the beginning because she looked fat. However, this was not the case at all.

Some people are just built a little bigger and perfectly fine. She started losing weight throughout the years because of her diet, and after many years passed, she looks pretty healthy now.

I hope she continues to stay healthy and fit throughout her whole career. When she was participating in sixteen, the judges were very harsh on her and called her chubby. That’s when she decided to lose weight. However, her singing and dancing were perfect.

Even the JYP entertainment CEO told her to do more self-care, and she replied to do her best. The next couple of months, she followed a really strict diet and lost a lot of weight.

These kinds of weight loss programs are very bad for overall health. This is the beauty standard in Korea, and JYP praised her for losing weight very fast.

Twice kept growing as a group, and in 2016, they started blowing up. You could see the progress Jihyo was making; her legs were getting fitter, and you can see she started working out. Fans started calling her “Born Beauty,” which is very nice of them.

For many comebacks, Jihyo maintained the weight and performed perfectly. Always keep in mind to keep supporting Jihyo no matter what happens.

Momo’s Diet

Twice Momo is the main dancer of the girl group and very popular. She got famous right after their debut for her body. Despite her weight, she started a diet, and this was very unhealthy, in my opinion.

She can eat everything she wants without gaining too much weight. From 2016 to 2018, Momo used to be very obsessed with exercising.

Although she was recognized as the best dancer of Twice, she did not have an easy training. All those years finally paid off for her when she finally made a debut.

However, many people forget that she was eliminated in Sixteen but later unexpectedly came back as the last member of Twice.

This eventually formed twice as nine members and continued to work very hard. Momo did not talk about how she pretty much starved herself in the early years until years later, in 2018.

In some live streams, she talked about how she lost 7 kilograms in only one week, which sounds extremely harsh.

Sadly this is the case for many people that are idols/trainees. They go through extreme measures to meet the needs for the debut. She only drank rice water and went to sleep right away to avoid hunger.

Make sure never to do this yourself since it can be very unhealthy, especially if you have no professional help nearby. She also said in a Livestream, her lips were white because she ate so little.

Because Momo was the main dancer of the group, many people expected her to look the fittest. This pressure was probably very bad because that’s why she tried so hard to look in the best shape possible.

Sana’s Diet

Sana is originally from Japan and also participated in Sixteen. She’s known for her cuteness and aegyo. Many people have successfully maintained her weight for many years and never seemed bothered or stressed about her appearance.

She always shows positivity, which many people like.

The fans always complimented Sana whenever she was gaining weight or losing. However, most people don’t know that they still go through extreme diets, and especially in the beginning, you could see this.

Sana was pretty skinny but gained very fast and looked healthy again. She also said that she didn’t exercise a lot but now does. When Twice debuted in October with “Ooh Ahh”

Sana gained a little bit of weight, but she didn’t seem to care. This is the kind of mentality we all strive for. This is what I like about Sana. She seems to be carefree about her weight and doesn’t care about the opinions of others.

In April 2016, Twice comeback with “Cheer Up,” and Sana’s weight looked the same. However, one thing that changed is that she got insanely popular because of her appearances in variety shows and, of course, because of her cuteness.

However, during the promotions, Sana started to gain a little bit of weight, which isn’t a big deal since many people gain weight during promotions.

Now we skip to the next comeback: “TT” Twice said in a Livestream that they lost a lot of weight during that comeback.

They didn’t even want to look at their weight because they were scared of gaining it again. Now many years later, Sana seems to maintain her weight and looks amazing. I hope she continues to perform for us and make us happy.

Twice Diet Tips

Many diet tips twice might have, but they never really said specifically which tips they used, so we’ve come up with a few common tips that are very important. You might be thinking those tips aren’t relevant, but they are.

Workouts can be anything from walking, dancing, or even swimming. Working out is one of the most important keys to losing weight. Even for gaining weight, it’s great to exercise. A lot of people don’t do this and change their diet.

The diet is also very important but keeps in mind that working out is also very important.

Most people that don’t workout are often very stiff, and as an idol, you want to avoid this at all costs. Being stiff isn’t great to look at, and you’ll feel it yourself.

Eating smaller, more frequent meals. Most people eat three meals a day, but it’s better to eat smaller meals and five times a day. This will steal your hunger throughout the day, and you won’t feel like your starving yourself. I’ve been doing this for about three months now, and it has been working great.

I feel energized throughout the day and look forward to every next meal I’m going to have. I also work out every day to stay fit and healthy.


Now that we’ve come to the end of the article, you can see that idols go through extreme measures to make a debut. This might sound very harsh, but it is the life they chose, and they are willing to do everything to make that debut. However, when they eventually debut, idols are satisfied with most of what they do.

Surely, they aren’t an overnight success because some idol groups take years to grow a fan-base and finally achieve some success. But if you’re in one of the big three, you’re probably going to be fine when you make a debut. Keep in mind to keep supporting Twice, no matter what!

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