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Uee Diet Meal Plan & Weight Loss Journey

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Wondering what Uee’s diet and meal plan is? Check out this article if you want to try the meal plan yourself!

Uee is a member of After School and debuted in 2009. At the time, Kpop was still very small and overseas. Almost no one listened to it.

When Uee started to perform, many people called her too skinny. When she first started, she wanted to become an actress, but after a couple of months, she ended up becoming a member of After school.

She didn’t join the original debut group. She got added to the group 4 months later. You could really see that she worked harder than the average idol. Many people still don’t know how she dieted and are wondering how many calories she ate.

Her fanbase was really small at the beginning, while the company didn’t give her any lines or screen time. After some time, she started to gain more popularity but still in the shadow of the other members.

Uee Diet Meal Plan

There’s no exact meal plan for Uee’s weight loss journey. Here below, you can find a similar meal plan that we’ve created from other Kpop diets combined. After doing lots of research and trying to find out what works and what doesn’t, here is the Uee diet meal plan.

Uee’s Weight Loss Journey 2009 – 2021

A couple of months later, Uee started with a new television program called “We Got Married” this has been one of the more popular television programs to date. Sadly, it’s no longer being aired because of the hate idols got after the show was over.

After the television program was over, she started to lose some weight. This was probably because of her dance practice and preparing for the comeback. It’s been known that idols go through extreme kpop diets just to lose a bit of weight.

This also isn’t for a long time because after the comeback is over, many idols gain their weight back. So, keep in mind to never try these sorts of kpop diets yourself. People started to hate on her, and she was photoshopped on to the random photos.

2011 – Best Female Newcomer Award

Later it was proven to be wrong, and in November, she got a solo CF for soju. CF’s are product promotions in Korea. Many people called her “fat” for no reason, this happens many times, and the fans often don’t know about this because it’s kept secret.

After a couple of months, Uee got an award for beginner “Best Female Newcomer” which was great since she didn’t get the attention she deserved. Once this happened, After school went on a hiatus for 3 months.

2012 – Haters

By the end of 2012, she had many photoshoots and endorsement deals. At the time, Uee still looked very thin and skin. Many of her friends worried about her, and Uee said that she wanted to maintain her current weight. 

This is probably because of the many hate comments she got back in the days. Uee could be scared to see these horrible comments again. This was the time where she was practicing a lot and started to do pilates.

What’s surprising is that she was still landing big roles for Korean drama’s which meant people were still interested in her while people in some television programs kept bashing her for no reason.

2014 – Last After School Comeback

In 2014 she made the decision to leave after school. People were ready for her solo debut and be finally free from the company she signed with.

However, not everyone was happy with this, especially Pledis, the company Uee was signed to. They stopped all activities for the group, and all of the members went on a hiatus.

Fast forward, they released one last single in Japan, but it turned out to be one of the worst comebacks they had ever done. The public started to forget about the group and Uee.

2015 – Hiatus

She returned back to work and was cast for some Korean dramas. At the time, Uee lost some weight she put back on when she was on Hiatus. Now that she’s in the public eye again, she’s probably very careful about her food and what she eats.

Sadly, people will always be bashing celebrities for no reason, and it’s often because they’re jealous and don’t want other people to succeed. This is such a bad mentality, but that’s what happens all the time. Hopefully, this will go away in the future.

2017 – Leaving Pledis Entertainment

She left Pledis Entertainment in May, and people started some weird hashtag #OverParty which is very wrong. She got so much hate that she deleted her Instagram to be gone from all the haters. Uee only got 1 Korean drama in 2017, and it wasn’t a huge hit.

Ratings and viewership were pretty bad, and people didn’t even watch it because Uee was playing in the drama. It’s such a bad reason, and people keep hating on Uee for no reason since she never did anything wrong.

2018 – Record Breaking Drama

Uee came back with a huge drama that broke records nationwide. She played in one of the biggest and most popular dramas viewed in 10 years. People started accepting her again, and she slowly began to gain weight.

It wasn’t as bad as the beginning, where Uee lost weight very fast and gained it back right after. Fast forward to 2019, and the cast Uee played in took home 10 awards. After 2019 Uee looked much happier and healthier.

2021 – The Future

Hopefully, she keeps releasing great dramas and stays healthy. She’s very talented and often overlooked by many people. It’s a bummer that people hated on her back in the days, luckily it’s not like that anymore, and people are slowly starting to accept her.


Now that you’ve come to the end of this article, you can probably see that it was very hard for Uee to go through these experiences. Luckily she grew from it and came back even stronger, and you don’t see that often with people that are being bashed every time.

Weight loss isn’t something that can happen in a few days. As you saw, Uee lost a ton of weight in a very short time and gained it back right after. This isn’t healthy at all and should be done or followed in any way or form.

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