What Does Soju Taste Like?

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The most popular soju, “Grapefruit” tastes a bit sweet. It’s not as bitter as other soju drinks. However, it does leave a bitter aftertaste. Mixing it with other drinks like Yakult or beer can make it taste even better.

Drinking soju is very popular with Koreans, and there are many different brands. Some of the most popular ones are Chamisul, Peach, and Yuzu.

Those are the most sold brands in Korea, and even overseas, soju is extremely popular. The reasons are because of their low price and pleasant taste.

They seem to be very similar, but there is a difference between distilled and non-distilled soju. Distilled soju doesn’t contain any flavors like fruit extracts or honey, which means that it is not as sweet as non-distilled.

If you want to read more about soju, then please keep reading on.

Why Does Soju Taste Like Rubbing Alcohol?

Soju might taste like rubbing alcohol because of the manufacturing process. It’s a traditional Korean liquor that is made with a rice or wheat base, but you can actually make it from anything starchy.

If you don’t like drinking soju because you find it too bitter, try adding some soda liquor to it. As a rule of thumb, if you don’t like the taste of something, then try adding sugar.

In fact, most sweet drinks are made from sugar syrup and water, which makes them very easy to drink even though they might be alcoholic.

Mixing soju is quite the norm in Korea these days. Everyone does it, and it’s very cheap. You order beer and some soju and mix the two together before drinking it.

The easiest way to make a mixed drink with soju is to add grapefruit or apple juice to the mix, and your drink will taste much better.

Most people have their go-to soju. Since there are many flavors to choose from, it’s a bit hard to try them all at once.

Does Soju Go Bad in The Fridge?

No, soju does not go bad in the fridge as long as you put the cap back on. Make sure to seal it tightly because it evaporates quickly. If the cap is not tight enough, you might notice a strange smell when opening the bottle to drink some.

When stored in the fridge, soju can last for years without going bad or losing its taste. The time that it takes until it starts to go bad depends on how old it already was while buying it.

It’s best not to buy too much at once because you might end up drinking it faster than usual, and the bottle will go bad before you can finish it.

If you’re planning on drinking some by yourself, just drink a little bit every day and store the rest in the fridge again. That way, it will last you for a number of days until it starts to taste off.

If you want to keep your soju for a longer time, then you should put it away from direct sunlight or heat. You can store soju in a dark place without worrying about it going bad anytime soon.

What I normally do is drink half a bottle at once and leave the other half in the fridge. Usually, you’re okay to leave it there for a couple of months before it goes bad, but generally speaking, it shouldn’t go bad if the cap is sealed tightly.

Popular Soju Mixes

After I’ve been to Korea many times in the past, I’ve noticed that there are a ton of popular soju mixes. Here below are my favorite soju mixes that are extremely popular in Korea.

Coffee + Soju

Coffee with soju tastes very sweet but also a little bit bitter at the same time. If you mix coffee with soju, then you need to be careful not to knock it back too quickly.

The reason why this is so popular is that it contains caffeine. You can drink way longer than usual and will have more energy.

This has been my go-to soju mix lately, and I see more and more people trying this. It’s not recommended to drink too much because of the caffeine.

Yakult + Soju

Yakult with soju has always been popular, and it removes a lot of the bitter aftertaste. Yakult is very sweet and goes well with soju, especially the Jinro brand.

The idea of the soju with Yakult is that you don’t have to mix anything else, and it will taste sweet and delicious by itself.

Cola + Soju + Beer

Cola, soju, and beer might be something to try yourself. This one isn’t as popular as the other ones, but it does taste amazing. The cola adds some frizz to the soju, and when you mix it with beer, you will have a very refreshing drink.

If I’m at the club in Korea, this is one of my go-to drinks because it’s tasty and helps you stay up longer than usual.

Why Does Soju Give Bad Hangovers?

Soju often gives bad hangovers because it contains high amounts of methanol. The more you drink, the worse it gets. It compounds and adds to the headache, and you’ll feel even worse after drinking too much.

The hangover of soju is different from that of beer and wine. If you want to avoid a bad hangover, then start drinking cranberry juice or order some grapefruit with your soju.

As long as you don’t mix soju with other drinks, then I wouldn’t worry too much about getting a hangover from it.

If you’re still getting a hangover after drinking soju, then it might be very good to eat some curry in the morning.

In Korea, this is a soup that cures hangovers, and it does help a lot.


All in all, soju tastes a bit like vodka but with a sweeter aftertaste. It’s very easy to drink on its own and can be stored for an extremely long time without going bad.

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