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When will BLACKPINK Disband?

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So far, we don’t know when they’re going to disband, they have signed a contract that lasts until 2023, and after that, it’s their own choice if they will resign or not.

When will BLACKPINK Disband

There might be a possibility that BLACKPINK will disband in 2023; however, from what we know is that YG artists often resign with the company when treated right.

BLACKPINK will probably release more music later, and hopefully, they will all have a solo album in the future. That’s what almost all of the fans are looking for, and I must say that we’ve been waiting for a pretty long time now.

The group is one of the best girl groups out there, if not the best. YG Entertainment is a great company and has been that for many years until the last scandal. However, they have moved on and got their things together. 

Now that they also have multiple groups coming up, we hope that BLACKPINK will resign with YG Entertainment in the future. If that’s not what they want, we hope that they will keep promoting as a group and release great music like they always have been doing.

How Popular is BLACKPINK?

If you look at the sale history of BLACKPINK, you can clearly see their popularity rise. According to Wikipedia, their album sales have been rising each time they release a single or album. Let’s look at some data and see for yourself.

  • BLACKPINK THE ALBUM 2020 1331068
  • BLACKPINK SQUARE UP 2016 298375

As you can see, their album sales have been clearly going to. So, we can conclude that BLACKPINK is indeed popular, but how popular? That’s the question many people ask. Well, they have broken many YouTube view records and are still on top of the charts for many years.

There have been many times where BLACKPINK went outside without security and got swerved by fans. If you look at some airport videos of them, there are often thousands, if not more, fans waiting for them to depart. So, we can definitely say that they are very popular and can easily sell out a full concert in less than a day.

Is BLACKPINK More Popular than BTS?

If you look at the statistics for all Kpop groups, then no BLACKPINK isn’t more popular than BTS. However, if you only look at girl groups, BLACKPINK is the biggest so far and will probably stay there for a long time since there hasn’t been a monster rookie yet to top the charts as BLACKPINK did.

Both fandoms are very big and have thousands of fans worldwide. You could look at social media presence where every member of BLACKPINK has their own Instagram, while BTS only has one account. 

So, if you only look at Instagram followers, then, Yes, BLACKPINK is more popular. So, it’s really how you look at it and from what perspective. Generally speaking, BTS is more popular worldwide since they have sold out more concerts than BLACKPINK.

However, BTS also has had more concerts. To keep it short, you can’t really compare these groups since they are so different and don’t have the same audience. 

Is BLACKPINK Allowed to Date?

Is BLACKPINK Allowed to Date

No, BLACKPINK isn’t allowed to date. However, Jennie has dated in the past because YG Entertainment allowed it. Generally speaking, idols aren’t allowed to date. We’ll go more in-depth about this topic here.

From what we have researched from a lot of companies is that it says idols aren’t allowed to date in the contract. This is mostly until their contract ends, or else they have to pay a fine, which isn’t probably cheap.

However, there are many idols that do date secretly, but no one knows about it because they are good at hiding it. Dating for idols should be normal because they are humans too and have feelings. It’s hard to push that away and only focus on dancing, singing, and acting all day. 

So, if you ever see an idol date, make sure to keep supporting them and don’t cancel the whole group. This is what happens very often where one member of the group dates and gets immediately removed from the group because he didn’t follow the rules.

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Why Do People Think BLACKPINK is Rude?

Most people think BLACKPINK is rude because they look like that, which is absurd. BLACKPINK isn’t rude at all, and it’s just what the haters think because they are almost always jealous. This also happens with different groups, and that’s pretty weird because they get hate for no reason.

If you look at the amount of fan signs BLACKPINK does and the content they create for us. They put a lot of hours into it just to please their fans. So, thinking that they are rude is very wrong, and we don’t know where you’ve taken that conclusion from.

Just take another look at BLACKPINK and see what they’ve gone through. It’s 10+ years of training and hard work before debuting. Let’s keep supporting them and hope they keep releasing great music for us.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve come to the end of this article, I hope you’ve found the information you were looking for. As you might know now, their contract ends in 2023, and we should keep supporting the girls no matter what choice they make.

Let’s just hope that they keep releasing music as a group instead of going solo. Even if they go solo, we should support them and stream their music. Many idols have made this choice in the past, and some have gotten successful while others have not.

This isn’t a huge problem if they can do something they enjoy themselves. Other idols are forced to do something by some entertainment companies because it states that in the contract. If you have any more questions, you can contact us on the contact page. 

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