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Where Do Korean Celebrities Live?

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The majority of the Korean celebrities live in the Gangnam district of Hongdae, those are the most popular and most expensive areas in Seoul. In these areas, celebrities can find all kinds of facilities. You will see a lot of restaurants, cafes, and shops selling luxury brands like Chanel or Rolex on the streets.

Are you planning your dream trip to Korea so you can nonchalantly run into V, Jimin, G Dragon, Jisoo, and all your favorite K-pop stars?

Are you simply curious about where the rich and famous live in other countries? If so, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to learn about where Korean pop stars live and more. As a sneak peek, most live in Seoul, specifically the neighborhood of Gangnam, but you can find famous people in other areas of the city too.

Keep reading to learn more.

Should You Visit Korean Celebrities?

Before we learn about where Korean stars live, let’s get one thing straight. You should not stalk anyone by finding out where they live and showing up at their homes unexpectedly.

Don’t Be Creepy

If you happen to see a celebrity out and about, most are OK with you going up and saying hi. So, the key to meeting your favorite K-pop idols is to strategically visit areas in Korea that they are likely to be at. That way, you might be able to meet some of your favorite celebrities without overstepping any boundaries or being borderline crazy.

Whenever you approach Korean idols in public, make sure to be respectful of their boundaries. If the celebrity asked for no pictures, respect their request. After all, would you want to be bombarded every day of your life? This applies to all famous people, not just ones in Korea.

All of this probably sounds like a no-brainer to you, but you’d be surprised by how many mega fans overstep boundaries with their favorite stars.

Where Do Most Korean Celebrities Live?

With that lesson of manners out of the way, let’s learn where most Korean stars live. For starters, the vast majority live in the city of Seoul. Seoul is almost like the Big Apple of Korea because it is thriving with life, art inspiration, and numerous areas to choose from.

Because Seoul is so big, you can’t just show up to the city and expect to see your favorite K-pop idols. Much like New York with its various boroughs, Seoul is filled with different neighborhoods. Some are more affluent than others. You’re most likely to see Korean stars in affluent areas.

Where Do Famous People Live In Seoul?

If most famous Koreans live in Seoul but there are a lot of districts in the city, where exactly can you find them? The vast majority of K-poppers have an apartment or house in Gangnam simply because most K-pop agencies are there. Plus, Gangnam is viewed as a status symbol. Let’s take a look at the most common places that famous people live in Seoul:

Gangnam District

If you are living in an apartment in Gangnam, you have made it. If you have a house, you’re on top of the world. In many ways, Gangnam is considered a status symbol in Korea for K-pop stars and other people.

The reason that Gangnam is so popular for K-pop residents specifically is that the biggest K-pop entertainment agencies are located in this area. For example, Around Us Entertainment, SM Entertainment, BigHit Entertainment, and FNC Entertainment are all located in this area.

The must-see K-Star road is also found in Gangnam. On Apgujeong Rodeo’s K-Star Road, you can take pictures with bears that represent some of the biggest Korean idols. That does not even include how many Gangnam cafes, art exhibits, and stores K-pop stars visit frequently. Without exaggeration, the Gangnam District is the best place to visit on your K-pop pilgrimage.


Another area to check out is Itaewon. Even though it isn’t as affluent as Gangnam, it is still highly expensive, and many K-pop stars hang out in this area because of its vibrant nightlife. You have a high chance of running into your favorite idols by shopping, eating at their stores, and of course, hanging out at some of the top nightlife locations.

One place in Itaewon you definitely need to check out is Nerd On Earth. This establishment is pet-friendly and comes with some delicious food. Many stars frequent this place because it is open late in the night and always promises a good time.


Yeouido is different from the past two districts, but you can still see K-pop idols and other famous people from Korea here. You are likely to run into K-pop stars turned real estate moguls by strolling the streets. Since this neighborhood is the business district, you are likely to run into other famous individuals in this area as well.

Because the Digital Media Station is located in this area, it is not shocking that K-pop stars come into this neighborhood. Likewise, the Gocheok Skydome, one of the most famous concert venues, is located here. Some other locations to check out include the Han river and Noryangjin Fish Market.

Hongdae (Mapo-gu)

Admittedly, most K-pop idols do not live in this neighborhood, but we thought we should mention it because they often visit it to try out new music and make impromptu performances. In comparison to the other districts, Hongdae offers relatively affordable apartments because it is a student living area.

Because of how many young people live in this area, many K-pop groups make surprise appearances for new releases and promotions. There are also quite a few event venues, such as the Blue Square, Hongdae NANTA Theater, and many more.

On top of the music, no young and hip area is complete without unique locations and foods. You can easily find delicious food and hang out by the Han River, which is where many K-pop idols relax and go for inspiration.

Are The Korean Neighborhoods Expensive to Live in?

Much like the United States and everywhere else for that matter, there are plenty of cities and districts in Korea with a wide range of price tags and economic classes. As a result, you can find some districts that are priced high, but you can find some pretty affordable ones too.

It Depends!

As you would expect, most K-pop celebrities live in more affluent areas. In fact, many of them live in what is dubbed the Beverly Hills of Korea – Gangnam. People who visit this area are shocked to see tons of Teslas, Porsches, and Maseratis driving around nonchalantly. Needless to say, these neighborhoods cost a lot.

Look Outside of Seoul For More Affordable Areas

At the same time, there are Korean districts that are more affordable. If you look outside of Seoul, you can find some reasonably priced places to stay, but the capital city is of course the most costly. Even if you just want a small apartment, rent will be high.

Is Korea More Expensive Than Other Asian Countries?

It should be noted that South Korea isn’t as affordable as other Asian countries. For example, it costs more than Laos and China, but it is also more affordable than Singapore and Japan. So, South Korea is pretty reasonably priced even though there are some affluent districts that most people can’t afford.

Do All Famous People Live in The Same Area?

For the most part, famous people tend to live in the same areas. This is simply because the value of the area is much higher, and they often want to live in areas associated with status symbols. Many famous Korean live in Gangnam as a result, much like American celebrities live in Beverly Hills or Malibu.

Some Prefer Lowkey Areas

That is not to say that all famous people live in these areas. You can always find famous individuals who like more lowkey areas. Think of actor and actress couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively who live in Bedford, New York instead of New York City.


To recap, most Korean celebrities live in the capital city of Seoul. Since the city is so large, there are various neighborhoods. Among these districts, the rich and famous are most likely to live in Gangnam, Itaewon, and Yeouido. These neighborhoods are pretty affluent and create cool handouts and atmospheres for them to enjoy.

If you are interested in running into K-pop celebrities, we recommend hanging out in these locations. Remember: don’t overstep boundaries or be creepy. No one wants a stalker! However, most stars will be more than happy to say hi and maybe take a quick photo whenever they are out and about.

Don’t pass up on the other attractions of these areas either. Although Seoul is filled with plenty of K-pop attractions, there are other locations you don’t want to miss. You might even run into G Dragon and other K-pop idols while at these locations too. You never know!

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