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Which Languages Can BTS Speak?

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Yes, the members of BTS can speak many languages fluently, and not only Korean. The leader RM can speak English fluently, he also speaks Japanese. V can speak English and some Japanese.

Which Languages Can BTS Speak

Here below is a table of the languages BTS can speak.

Kim Namjoon (RM)Korean, English, and Japanese
Min Yoongi (Suga)Korean and English
Jung Hoseok (J-Hope)Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese
Kim Seokjin (Jin)Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese
Park JiminKorean, English, and a little bit of Japanese
Kim Taehyung (V)Korean, English, and a little bit of Japanese
Jungkook Korean, English, and a little bit of Japanese

Can BTS Speak English?

Yes, BTS members can speak English fluently. The members of BTS were born and raised in Korea, but RM learned his English by watching the Friends series on TV.

His parents bought it for him when he was younger. He has watched it many times over and over again until he finally started learning it himself.

At first, he watched it with Korean subtitles and after a couple of times, he watched it with English subtitles. Slowly he started to watch it without subtitles and started to understand it.

This is quite impressive for someone who has never learned the language in school or got taught.

Can BTS Speak Japanese?

Yes, BTS can speak Japanese. However, it’s not fluent like Korean. They have made multiple albums in Japanese which turned out to be quite successful.

The members of BTS look more comfortable speaking Japanese than Chinese. They have been learning Japanese for many years now but probably don’t speak it outside their work.

Learning Japanese can be quite hard and most people don’t have the dedication to learn this. The same goes for the members of BTS.

What Languages Can Jimin Speak?

BTS Jimin can speak Korean, Japanese, English, and a bit of Japanese. Korean is his mother language, and the other ones he learned over time. When Jimin started touring in other countries he slowly started picking up other languages.

When recording a song in another language you also learn a lot. So by doing these things you slowly get better at speaking the language. BTS also made some appearances on Japanese TV shows.

On these Japanese TV shows, they also have to speak Japanese. Sometimes they do fan meetings and here Japanese fans talk to them.

Can Taehyung speak Chinese?

Yes, Taehyung does speak a little bit of Chinese. However, he’s not fluent. Learning Chinese is quite hard, especially for foreigners. Luckily they don’t need to speak fluent Chinese since the message they spread through their music is getting to millions of people in the world.

The members of BTS have spoken Chinese a few times on social media platforms like WeiBo or YouKu. However there is one member under BigHit Entertainment that speak fluently Chinese.

That’s HueningKai of TXT. He has lived in China for many years until he later moved to Korea. We think that his mother is Chinese and that’s how he slowly learned it bit by bit.

All in all, Taeyhyung is not even close to speaking Chinese fluently. But that doesn’t take away that he’s trying and doing his best. There are many idols that don’t even try, so we should be grateful that he’s willing to learn.

Can BTS speak Japanese fluently?

No, BTS can’t speak Japanese fluently. The closest member to speaking Fluent Japanese is probably the Leader of the group, RM. However, you can still see that he stutters a bit, he’s doing his best.

Learning Japanese is very hard for foreigners. It can take months to speak Japanese fluently, and sometimes even years.

At the end of the day we should be happy that the members of BTS are trying to learn the language. They don’t have to but they do it to show love to the ARMY.

If you want to learn Japanese yourself, make sure to do it slowly. Make progress every day and eventually, you will be able to speak Japanese. It might not be fluent, but it’s a step in the right direction.


Now that you’ve come to the end of the article, you probably know which languages BTS can speak. It’s not easy to learn these languages, and especially for foreigners. The members of BTS already spend hours every day practicing.

And they have to learn other things besides studying. That’s why we should respect them for who they are and keep supporting their music.

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