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Why Are Korean Guys So Cute and Attractive?

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone has various qualities they love in a potential love interest. 

However, there is a growing magnetism toward Korean guys. If you’ve ever witnessed a K-drama or a K-pop group like BTS, Korean men are some of the most adorable around.

But why are Korean guys so cute and attractive? There are three components to this answer. First, most of them have great, clean, and clear skin along with detailed care toward their appearance. 

However, they are somewhat unobtainable because they do not often marry outside their race. Plus, Korean men are skillful flirts.

Other things include the fact that they’re taller than their other Asian counterparts, such as is the case with Japanese and Chinese men. 

Also, they have a stronger build and a somewhat protective attitude, as projected in K-dramas.

Let’s dive deeper.

The General Appearance of Korean Men

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What makes anyone from any culture attractive at first glance is how they look and the energy they give off. 

Korean men pay particular care and meticulous attention to not just their hair and clothing but also their skin, teeth, nails, and physique.

From a very young age, both boys and girls learn how to cleanse, tone, and moisturize their skin. 

So, it’s rare to find a Korean man with blemishes, hyperpigmentation, or rough, dry skin. 

Even people who labor outdoors, like in agriculture or construction, will have pretty fantastic skin.

Also, Korean culture and society value health. So, eating right and exercising is always part of the daily routine. 

This means that most men from about 16 to 50 years old all have beautifully sculpted six-pack abs. 

But, it is not only the abs. It’s the whole package, including the biceps, thighs, hips, and buttocks.

In Contrast to Western Men

All of these contribute to a very attractive, well-kept man who values his physical appearance. 

This is very desirable to many Western women, whereas such values vary among men.

For instance, some men in the US very much take care of their hair, skin, and teeth. 

But, these are often white-collar, professional types. It’s very rare to find a blue-collar guy take care of his skin or go through the trouble of getting a manicure once per month.

That said, most American men take pride in their muscular attributes. About 75% of them do engage in some form of regular exercise. 

But they do not share the low ratio of fat to muscle that Korean men have. This comes back to the concept of diet and healthy eating. 

So, Korean men are thin but fit yet strong and lithe.

Korean Men Are Tall

An additional factor in a Korean guy’s appearance is the fact they are tall, with an average height of 5’9”, and this exceeds most other Asian cultures. 

While some Japanese men can be quite tall, it’s not usual or common. 

Men who are Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, and the like tend to be quite short. Most women all over the world love a tall man.

Korean Men Have Facial Hair

The same thing is true for facial hair. Many women love a masculine-looking man with beards and/or mustaches. 

Korean men tend to have more facial hair than their Asian counterparts do. 

However, the Japanese and Chinese do have some stereotypes of older, wiser men adorning a long beard or mustache.

The Unobtainable Is Very Desirable

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Another reason why Korean men are so cute and attractive is how unobtainable they are. While it is true that Korean men will date and marry outside of their race, it is not very common. 

In fact, families that are more traditional will insist their children do not intermingle in romantic ways with others outside their own race.

For many people, this is attractive. 

There’s common psychology to this, regardless of the culture: we always want those things we can’t have. 

Values of Cuteness in Korean Culture

The third, but by no means the last, reason why Korean men are so cute and attractive is aegyo.

Aegyo literally translates to behavior that’s overtly coquettish, flirtatious, and somewhat sensual. 

This means Korean men have spent many years perfecting their behavior and they know exactly how to flirt well.

This is because Korean culture values cuteness, not just in things like animals or babies but also in grown adults. 

It’s a lot like Japanese Kawaii culture, where being, acting, and projecting cuteness is at the top of the priority list. 

It portrays a sort of gentleness while also connoting a sense of playfulness with a coy undertone.

They’re a Bit Protective

Plus, Korean guys have a protective attitude toward their lovers and can show jealousy from time to time. 

Many women, especially ones from the West and Korea, love this kind of attention. It shows they care while displaying a certain passion from the heart.

Desirable Character Traits

Korean men also make very direct eye contact with women. They’re straightforward, honest, trustworthy, and forthright. 

All these qualities make them incredibly cute, attractive, and desirable. 

Combine that with how well they take care of themselves and their appearance, it’s a recipe for hopeless romantics to swoon.


When you first meet a Korean guy, it’s immediately noticeable how cute and attractive he is. 

Even if he isn’t necessarily “your type,” you can see his gorgeous skin, beautiful build, and handsomely sculpted physique. 

This is a direct correlation to Korean values of health, beauty, and wellness.

So, all of these concepts intertwine to present an entire race of very cute and attractive men. 

The way they intentionally flirt along with a penchant for protecting their lover is two very desirable aspects that are difficult to ignore.

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