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Why Do Asians Have Good Skin?

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The majority of Asians with good skin are genetics, and there’s no secret method to having perfect skin. However, most Asians use many skincare products, which could play a huge role in having perfect skin. The beauty industry in Asia is one of the biggest in the world.

Having good skin is something that everyone strives for. However, not everyone can achieve this overnight since it can take a lot of time before seeing actual results.

Most people that start using skincare waste a lot of money, which isn’t worth it. You have to do some research first about skin types and what kind of need you have.

A small group of people is born with perfect skin, and however, throughout the years, as you get older, your skin will probably get smoother and smoother. The younger generation deals with breakouts, acne, and pimples, making them more invested in having perfect skin.

Skin Care Routine

What makes most Asians have good skin is using the right skincare products. Like I said before, most people looking into a good skincare routine spend a lot of money on products that don’t even work for them.

The best way to find the right skincare products for you is by testing them one by one. I recommend you do to find out your skin type and then look for the products that might suit your skin type.

You might be thinking that this is very expensive and will add up a lot. That’s true, but in the end, it’s all worth it when you have good skin and found the right products for your skin. When I found the right products for my skin type, it was pretty much game over.

I don’t have to buy new products again and use the same good working products for my Asian skin. There’s no need to try new ones unless you want to, of course. As you can see, once you’ve found the right products, you’re good to go.

There are many different skincare products like cleansers, SPF, toners, and essence. The most important ones are cleansers and moisturizers. Cleaners make your skin clean and remove unnecessary oils.

The moisturizer makes your face moisturize and prevents it from drying out. Dry skin can cause breakouts, which is something you want to avoid. Also, don’t apply too much moisturizer since that can make your skin very oily.

If you don’t know what to buy at first, there are many YouTube tutorials on different skin types. That’s what I did when I started looking into skincare. Many different brands might work for others but not for you.

That’s completely normal. Try them out and move on if it doesn’t work. In my opinion, Korean skincare is better than brands from the US. However, that also depends on your personal preference and what kind of skin type you have.

What Makes Asian Skin Different?

Generally speaking, Asian skin is the same as any other person with skin. The only difference might be the color. Asians often want pale skin because that’s been the beauty standard in Asia for many years.

If you watch Asian TV shows, you see that a lot of them are very pale. That’s because of the whitewashing they do, or they are pale in real life too. What I like about my Asian skin is that it’s soft and smooth.

This isn’t something that other people don’t have, but there’s not much that’s different from Asian skin other than the color, of course.

How To Whiten Skin Like Korean?

There are many ways to whiten your skin as Koreans do, but most of them aren’t healthy. The easiest way is to use SPF everywhere you go. Many idols apply SPF every time they go outside, also when it’s cold in the winter.

You might be thinking that SPF doesn’t work in the winter, but that doesn’t matter since it also gives a layer of protection to the skin. SPF isn’t only made for sun protection. It’s a must-have for a lot of people that are living in Korea.

If you haven’t been using any SPF’s lately, you should give it a try. Another way to whiten skin is to get a whitening treatment in China, Korea, or Japan.

Keep in mind that these aren’t recommended since it could be bad for your skin overall. Most people who go for a whitening treatment have to spend a lot of money maintaining it. It’s not the cheapest treatment out there, and it probably won’t make your life much better.

Lots of people wonder how Korean skin is so flawless. Find out why and try to achieve it yourself.

Why Are Japanese So Pale?

The majority of Japanese that are pale use a lot of SPF or have great genetics. They are also known to avoid the sun and walk with umbrellas outside to avoid getting a tan. If you look at the US, this is very different.

People in the US often want to get a tan, but it’s the complete opposite in Asia. Like we said before, SPF also gives your skin an extra layer of protection, which is known to work as anti-age crème. This isn’t proven, but some people claim this.


Now that you’ve come to the end of this article, I hope this has helped you find more information about why Asian’s have good skin. In short, it’s because of the skincare routines they follow, genetics, or they avoid the sun.

It’s known that Asian’s walk outside with an umbrella when it’s very sunny. They do this to avoid sunburn and getting a tan. It might sound weird to people in the US, but it’s very normal in Asia. There are many other differences you can read about that on our site.

Make sure to use any SPF, which gives your skin an extra layer of protection, which is very nice, especially when you have a lot of breakouts. Make sure to use the right one for your skin type because some SPF”s might make your skin oily.

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