Why Do Korean Guys Have The Same Haircut?

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Many Korean guys have the same haircut because it’s the beauty standard in Korea. It looks like it won’t be changing in the future since more and more people are getting the same haircut.

Not every guy in Korea has the same haircut, and it’s just that many people have the same haircut. There are certain people that have different haircuts. You’ve probably watched too many Kpop of Korean dramas and noticed that a lot of the guys have similar haircuts.

If you have the time and budget to visit Korea, make sure to do so. You’ll see many people with different haircuts, and so it won’t be a bowl cut everywhere you look.

Korean Beauty Standards

Korean beauty standards have been huge, and it’s very different from western ones. Most people in Korea really like skin whitening and smaller people. This is, of course, for the girl that is smaller. For the guys, they often want to be tall.

Having white skin, also called fair skin, in Korea will make you way more attractive. The more pale your skin is, the more people will look at you. If you listen to Kpop, you can see that many idols have very fair skin. This is because they wear a lot of makeup while performing.

It’s not like that they are born with that. Another thing many music shows and TV programs do is whitewashing. This basically means that they will whiten the skin of the celebrities that are on TV while in real life, they don’t look as white-skinned as they do on TV.

It’s a bummer since Korean beauty standards are almost impossible to achieve unless you’re born with it. There is an option like plastic surgery, but that isn’t cheap, and not everyone can afford it. Many people also don’t want to change anything about themselves.

Stylish and Status

Having a two-block haircut also makes you look stylish. It doesn’t have to be the exact same haircut as others, but a bit longer or shorter will do the job. If your haircut is clean and looks fresh, it will look way more stylish than longer uncut hair.

Many people with a clean-cut also are the ones that look like they have the highest status. The people that want to look more stylish often have the right clothing, so only the haircut is missing. This is where they go to a hair salon and get a similar haircut like other Korean guys.

You rarely see any bald guys walking on the street in South Korea. Surely, there are a few, but not many. There are way more students walking around with a two-block haircut.

Why Do Koreans Hide Their Foreheads?

Why Do Koreans Hide Their Foreheads

Many Koreans hide their foreheads because they don’t like seeing them. This is the majority of men with bigger foreheads in Korea. You can see that many people with big foreheads often cover it up with their hair. 

Kpop idols do this too and have been doing it for many years. Covering up the forehead will make the head look smaller, and the face will look slimmer. This is probably the main reason why Koreans hide their forehead.

Throughout the years, it has become normal, and everyone has liked this look. Through the years, it has evolved, and the haircuts have changed a bit. However, it still hides the forehead, and it will probably be like this for a long time since everyone likes the look.

Do All Koreans Have The Same Haircut?

No, not all Koreans have the same haircut. They do have a similar haircut which is why many people wonder if all Koreans have the same haircuts. People also think that all Asian people have a bowl haircut which is similar to Korean haircuts.

However, if you look at some western countries, some Asian people think that western people all have short hair. Of course, this isn’t the case at all, but it’s a stereotype many people still have in their minds.

Stereotypes aren’t relevant these days anymore since everything has changed throughout the years. If you ever have the time and budget to visit Korea, make sure you do so. Try visiting a Korean hair salon, and this will change your whole perspective on Korean haircuts.

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What Is The Haircut Called That All Koreans Have?

What Is The Haircut Called That All Koreans Have

The haircut that many Koreans have is called the two-block haircut. This haircut is very popular among Asian people since it’s easy to maintain and you don’t need any hair products. The hair just falls down, and that’s basically it.

You can style it differently as some people do, but it’s not necessary. If you are going to get your haircut in the USA or Europe, make sure to show pictures when asking for a two-block haircut. If you don’t, it will probably come out as a bowl haircut.

That’s what you want to avoid since it won’t look as good as a two-block cut. Now that you know this makes sure to try it yourself and let us know.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve come to the end of this article, you probably know that all guys have similar haircuts. Many Kpop idols have a similar hairstyle, often with a different color or style, a bit different. The reason is that it looks good, and this is the beauty standard in Korea.

The haircuts are in western countries called a bowl haircut. However, in Asian countries, many people call it a two-block haircut. This is basically the sides cut short and leaving the top long to cover the forehead. 

Some studies have shown that girls in Asian countries like guys with longer hair. So, that’s also a reason why many guys have a similar haircut.

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