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Why Do Korean Men Wear Makeup?

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In South Korea, many men wear makeup because the Korean beauty standard has evolved through the years. Wearing makeup has become normal for men, and the majority of women have started to find it more attractive.

If you haven’t visited South Korea in a long time, you probably won’t notice much. However, these days when you go outside, you can see that many men wear makeup. The Kpop industry has also evolved where idols wear makeup and look more feminine.

Even actors wear makeup so, and it’s not that bad anymore. In Western countries, if you wear makeup as a man, people would immediately think you like guys, but this isn’t the case in South Korea. 

Is It Normal To Wear Makeup as a Men in Korea?

Is It Normal To Wear Makeup as a Men in Korea

Yes, it’s normal for men to wear makeup in Korea. There are many reasons why men would wear make so we’ve found this out for you. Here are the three main reasons why men wear makeup:


Being an idol requires you to wear makeup even if you don’t want to. It’s part of the performance, so it’s normalized, and these days, there aren’t any idols that don’t wear makeup before performing. If you look at big bands like BTS, EXO, and NCT127, you see that all of them wear makeup.

So, don’t look weird at them when you see them performing with makeup. It’s very normal for male idols to wear makeup and especially when they’re dancing and singing. Some idols do have more makeup on than others but generally speaking, all of them wear makeup.


Actors wear makeup all the time, even when they’re not acting. They have makeup on while resting or waiting till they’re going to act. Even the biggest Korean actors like Song Joong ki wear makeup, so it’s no big deal for them.

Generally speaking, actors wear makeup all the time. Even in Western countries, it’s normal for them to wear makeup. It makes them look better when filming for a movie or any other television program.

Normal People

Normal people are the rest of the men in South Korea. Not all men wear makeup since it doesn’t look good on all of them. However, there’s a group that does wear makeup outside, and no one says anything about it. This is the confidence we should strive for in other countries since it’s still kind of a taboo in the USA and Europe.

If you see a man wearing makeup outside, don’t look weird at them. Make sure to smile at them and tell them they look good with makeup on, and it will give them more confidence, and they won’t feel shy wearing it outside.

Why Do Male Kpop Idols Look Feminine?

Kpop idols look more feminine because they wear makeup. It’s normal for idols to wear makeup since they are performing. It makes them look more attractive and approachable. That’s one of the reasons why idols look feminine.

These days almost all idols wear makeup since it has become the norm. There aren’t any idols that don’t wear makeup while performing, so it’s very normalized in South Korea. 

Another reason why idols look more feminine is probably that of their clothing. They often wear bright clothing, which makes men look better in my opinion. They also wear clothes that are out of their comfort zone.

All companies have stylists that style the male Kpop idols. Most of the time, they don’t have a choice other than wearing what the stylist picked for them. You see this happening at the beginning of many debuts while older idols have more say in what they want to wear.

Why Do People Think BTS Looks Feminine?

Kpop Guide For Beginners

BTS doesn’t look feminine at all, but one of the reasons that could make them look feminine is that they wear makeup. In South Korea, this doesn’t make you feminine but rather manly and attractive. That’s how different the Korean beauty standards are compared to Western countries.

However, since BTS has blown up in the last couple of years, they have more eyes on them. This also means that more people will be judging them on their appearance, so that’s might another reason why people think BTS looks feminine.

When they are in South Korea, they aren’t looked at that way. They are rather looked at as superstars and often wear masks with hoodies to go outside without getting noticed.

Maybe if you ever have the opportunity to visit Korea, you’ll see BTS walking on the street. This probably won’t happen, but there’s always a choice of seeing them.

Why Are So Many Teenagers Obsessed with BTS?

Many teenagers like BTS because they really like the music, dances, and visuals BTS has. Through the years, they’ve seen BTS grow as a group and how they are trying to spread positivity around the world. They try to help as many people as possible with their music, and that seems to be working.

In the last couple of years, their fanbase has grown a lot, and they’re now selling out concerts within a couple of minutes. If you haven’t heard about BTS before, you’re really missing out on their music. 

South Korean boy bands are getting more mainstream media attention, and one of the reasons is probably because BTS has blown up the entire Kpop industry. Before BTS, there weren’t any groups that got hits like BTS has today.

Of course, there were some groups that made it pretty far, but none of them seemed to have sold more albums than BTS, and it will probably stay like this for a long time.


Now that you’ve come to the end of this article, I hope you’ve found the information you were looking for. As you might know, now it’s very normal to wear makeup in South Korea, and there’s nothing weird about that.

If you compare it to Western countries, it will be very weird. That’s what I really love about South Korea. Almost all idols wear makeup, and people don’t find it weird or ugly. More countries should start doing this since it gives men more confidence.

Once you go outside in South Korea and look around, you’ll how many people are actually wearing makeup. It has become normalized through the years, and we hope many countries will follow.

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