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Why Do Koreans Look So Young?

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In South Korea, the beauty market is huge, and people are spending thousands a year on skincare alone. Since skincare is huge, you probably can already tell that it’s one of the reasons why Koreans look very young.

The reason why skincare is big in South Korea is that many people want smooth skin. This might sound obvious, but people in Asian countries really like having smooth and pale skin. If you look at the USA and Europe, there’s a huge difference.

People in the USA and Europe, especially men, don’t even use skincare. It’s more for women, while in South Korea, everyone uses skincare ranging from young to old.

Korean Beauty Treatments

Korean Beauty Treatments

Korean beauty treatments are huge in South Korea. It’s one of the biggest countries where it’s normal to have plastic surgery. The market is so big that it has become normalized, while in the USA and Europe, people still think it’s weird to do plastic surgery.

If you ever have the time to visit South Korea, try looking around. You’ll see that many people have done double eyelid surgery or a small thing that you probably won’t notice unless you ask. We’ve researched many different beauty treatments.

Studies have shown that fillers and laser facelifts are very popular in South Korea, with double eyelid surgery included, but that doesn’t make you younger.


Fillers are popular in South Korea to, for example, make your lips look bigger. It’s not as big as slimming the face down, which is also called a laser facelift. However, fillers are becoming more and more popular even among the younger people.

Laser Facelift

People want to look like their favorite Kpop idol, and while many idols have done plastic surgery, it’s not always the best option. Laser facelifts do make your face look smaller and can even give you a jawline. There’s always a small chance of it going wrong.

Korean Dieting

Korean Dieting

Dieting has been a huge topic in Korea, especially with Kpop idols. Idols are often the ones that are forced to diet for their fans or because of the company. It’s been like this for many years, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon.

There are many different ways of Korean dieting, for example, the Kimichi diet, paper cup diet, or follow a regular Kpop diet. We’ll go more in-depth about this here below.

Kpop Diet

Kpop dieting is something that everyone has probably heard about. It has become one of the many controversies that keep happening over and over again. Idols are expected to look at their best when performing and when they do not look like that. They will be called out by the public, which is a horrible thing to do.

It keeps happening over and over again, even after many years. Public opinion does seem to affect the idols because the idols are actually losing even more weight after being called out.

Kimchi Diet

The kimchi diet is a diet where you are adding kimchi to your diet every day. There are many different kinds of kimchi, and it doesn’t matter which kimchi you’re going to eat since it’s all similar. We’ve created a 14-day kimchi diet that might be interesting for you.

You can check it out here. This diet has helped many people throughout the years, and people really liked the diet since it doesn’t starve you as some other diets do.

Korean Skincare

Korean Skincare

Korean skincare is very popular in Korea, and as we said before, this is one reason why they look so young. The skincare products people use are often anti-aging products or products that make you look younger. 

If you’ve never heard about anti-aging products, you’re probably living under a rock. These products are made to make people look younger while also moisturizing the skin. There are many skincare routines, but there are too many products to mention them all.

Here below, we’ve picked three products that are very popular among Korean women to look younger.


A cleanser is basically a foam that you apply to the face to clean it. It’s very easy to use, and it does actually help with looking younger. There are many brands out there, and there are different kinds of cleansers. The most popular ones are water-based or foam-based cleansers. Try it yourself. If you haven’t already, it’s worth giving it a try.


SPF is basically sunscreen. It helps the skin maintain the protective layer while also keeping it moisturized. Almost everyone in South Korea wears SPF, and even kids wear it. It’s great to wear it all year round. Even during the winter, it will help to protect the skin.


Moisturizers are already very common worldwide. You can already tell what it is and why people use it. I’ve been using many different moisturizers, and almost all of them are similar. Try finding the right one for your skin type, and you’ll look much younger.

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Why Do Koreans Look So Young?


Now that you’ve come to the end of this article, you can probably already tell why Koreans look younger. Many Koreans, especially Korean women, want to look younger than their real age, which is understandable.

This is where skincare is becoming huge, and people are spending a lot of money on different anti-aging products. It might be helping, but it’s different for everyone. Some products might work for you while it doesn’t work for others.

Makeup is another reason why people look way younger than they really are. These are the main reasons why the Korean beauty industry has been blowing up for many years now. It’s more attractive to look younger, and it’s also more approachable for many people.

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