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Why Is Korean Skincare So Cheap?

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I spent over $10.000 in the last couple of years on Korean skincare because I love the results. My skin looks plumped, youthful, and very clean with no pores.

In this article, I go over some Korean skincare brands that are cheap, reliable, and deliver ACTUAL results!

Let’s get started.

In short: Korean skincare is cheaper than other brands because the products are manufactured in Korea. Manufacturing skincare products domestically allows the company to avoid importing pricey foreign materials.

Which Korean Skincare Sets Are Cheap and Affordable

After buying many different Korean skincare sets, some of the most affordable brands are here.

Best Korean Skincare Brands

Try out these different beauty brands. All of them are affordable, but not all of them give GREAT results. Some will be more suited for your skin type than others.

1. Cosrx

CosRX is known for its BHA and AHA products which help with acne, pore size, and just general skin health.

It’s also a great alternative if you want natural ingredients without harsh chemicals. I’ve been using the Cosrx Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser for my acne and then moisturizing with one of their oils.

The brand is affordable, effective, and easy to use. Even for beginners, this is a great to try out.

Their products range between $10 and $40, which is very affordable for active ingredients.

2. Etude House

This company makes pore-minimizing toners as well as brightening serums. The company is famous for their products like fixing tint and the soon jung.

These products are one of THE most popular within the Korean skincare realm.

Their products range from $4 to $50, putting this brand in a pretty affordable spot. Give it a try!

3. Mizon

Mizon is all about hydration and more of the natural side of skincare.

Their snail products are popular for their anti-aging properties and useful for people with acne or scars

Getting your skin to the NEXT LEVEL should be done with this brand. It’s easy to use, beginner-friendly and affordable all simultaneously.

You can’t get similar products to these anywhere else.

4. NeoGen

Neogen is a great brand for those who want to try out unique ingredients.

They make products catered toward acne, brightening, and other functions that people might not even know about.

Their fun approach towards skincare makes the obscure ingredients easy to access for anyone.

5. Missha

Missha is all about brightening your skin tone, evening out the skin tone, and just making you look amazing.

Their products are easy to use and can be combined with other brands.

Sometimes mixing other masks or serums with Missha’s can give you even better results than other

6. Innisfree

The last brand I’m going to talk about is Innisfree.

Innisfree is all about making you feel like you’re in a forest and getting back to nature with their skincare products

Their prices range from $2 to $30, putting this brand at the top of our list for affordability.

Looking for natural products. BUT also the ease of being able to use them yourself.

Should You Follow a 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine

Yes, you can absolutely take all of these steps.

BUT, it’s not necessary at all.

I personally only use five products (not including my daily moisturizer), and I get amazing results.

You can buy the 10 step-Korean skincare routine. But if you actually WANT to waste money. It’s up to you.

What About Korean Skincare Reviews

Most reviews about Korean skincare are all over the place.

We’ve taken the time to try out some of these products, and we’re pretty sure that we know what works and what doesn’t.

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Some might have certain qualities you can’t find anywhere else. Some might have amazing benefits for specific skin types.

Let’s talk about fakes.

Do They Sell Fake Products?

It’s possible. But it’s not because the company is trying to deceive you. It’s just mistakes that happen all the time.

Packaging can look similar, and some things might be switched around.

But as long as you buy from Amazon or direct from the company, then you’re pretty safe.

Many products do actually promote unachievable Korean beauty standards.

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Some of these could be pale white skin, glass skin in one week. These are just out of reach for most people.

HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean Korean skincare shouldn’t be used. It’s BY FAR the best and easiest way to achieve the best possible skin you can get.

Is Skincare from Korea Safe?

Yes, it is safe! As long as you buy these products from the right place, your skin shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Some sensitive souls might have reactions to certain ingredients. But otherwise, these are all-natural and healthy for you.

Therefore it’s extremely important to double-check the ingredients. ANY Asian skincare product you buy should suit your skin type.

Korean Skincare vs. Western Skincare

Korean products tend to be cheaper than Western ones even though the prices are normally shown as the same on the outside. There is a reason for this.

The ingredients are different.

The main ingredient of Korean skincare products are natural ingredients, which are carefully selected with great care to ensure that they work well on the skin, unlike chemical ingredients that some Western brands tend to use.

Natural ingredients are more expensive than chemical ones. Some additives cause side effects in some cases when applied to the skin or at times they make the skin hypersensitive.

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So there you go. I hope you have a better understanding about Korean skincare products and their prices, ingredients and where to buy them from.

As long as you’re shopping from reputable stores that have positive reviews, then your skin should be just fine.

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