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Why Is YesStyle So Expensive?

Jason Park
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Shopping around for the best skincare and fashion deals is a lot like raising a dog: very time-intensive, messy without the right training, and just very difficult.

On top of that, you don’t have the best deals–or the budget—to fully dedicate your time to do that.

However, not everything on Yesstyle is expensive.

I’ll explain why Yesstyle is so expensive and how you can get the lowest prices.

Let’s get started.

In short: Yesstyle is expensive because of its premium service. Their delivery is top-notch, as well as their customer service. Unlike many other competitors, where shipping can take up to 31 days.

Some Things Are Expensive on YesStyle and Others Are Not

There are many things on YesStyle that are expensive yet there are a plethora of items that aren’t that pricey. It depends on what you’re buying, what they have on sale and if you’re looking at things that are new to their catalog.

Naturally, there will be major price variations between cosmetics and skincare versus clothing and accessories. Clearance items are always less expensive than the standard price and sales are a constant with YesStyle.

Supplier & Manufacturer Fluctuations

In one way, supplier and manufacturer costs can fluctuate due to the laws of economics, mainly supply and demand. To illustrate, if there’s a cute dress everyone is after but the manufacturer is no longer producing it, the price will shoot up quickly.

Likewise, if you are looking at a product that’s considered high luxury, it’s going to be expensive. Therefore, they have cosmetics, accessories, clothing and other items that run the gamut from the generic to high end ticket items. So, it all depends on what you’re looking at buying.

Prices Fluctuate from the Time of Order to the Next Day

But there are other aspects to how expensive YesStyle can be as well. Sometimes, people notice the price of the item they ordered is different from the price for the same item the following day. According to YesStyle, they change their product prices on a daily basis and they do this for several reasons.

Sales & Promotions

The most probable reason is due to a promotion launched. YesStyle has flash sales, monthly sales, daily specials and other discount offers they change every day. Therefore, sale prices change without prior notice

So, for instance, a pearl-based cream moisturizer might be $25 when you buy it. But then the price drops to $10 the next day due to a 24-hour flash sale. Because of how frequently prices can change, they’ll only honor the price indicated at the time you place an order. They will not adjust the price to a lesser amount once you’ve paid.

Most Common Reasons

No Price Difference Adjustments or Price Matching

They state emphatically that they will not entertain a price difference after you place an order. It will be a waste of time to try to negotiate this since they are quite firm on their position. This is also true for price matching requests since they currently do not have a program for such things. The reasons they give for not matching the prices of their competitors are:

  • Not an Exact Match: The product is a different version or from a different manufacturer than who they work with directly.
  • Promotional or Clearance Items: The product from the competitor is one that’s on sale with YesStyle.
  • Unauthorized: The manufacturer may not authorize the sale price by the competitor.

Shipping, Handling or Taxes: This refers to the total cost of the product from the competitor being higher than the published price on YesStyle; often due to additional fees associated with shipping and delivery.

Shipping & Delivery Costs Can Increase the Price Exponentially

Another aspect to how expensive YesStyle can be is due to the shipping and delivery costs depending on your country. However, other countries may receive free shipping but they still have to pay duties and taxes. Therefore, you will notice a marked difference in the price when you select various shipping locations. This can happen while you browse and during checkout.

Different Regions, Different Free Shipping Limits

For instance, they will ship free to the US for orders over $49 and to the UK for orders over $69. Other places such as Canada and Latvia will have to pay $99 to qualify for free shipping. However, there is no free shipping for places like Israel, India or Kuwait.

What’s more, prices can change depending on the supplier. They’re able to provide better prices for certain regions. This is what makes some shipping destinations have free shipping while others have none.

Destination CountryFree Shipping Minimum Spending Limit (USD)
Australia$35 for Premium Standard or $99 for Express
Hong Kong$35 Express only
Macau$35 Express only
Malaysia$35 Standard only
New Zealand$35 for Premium Standard or $99 for Express
South Korea$35 for Standard or $69 for Express
Vietnam$35 Standard only
Japan$49 Express only
Singapore$49 Express only
United States$49 for Standard or $129 for Express
Brunei Darussalam$59 Express only
Cambodia$59 Express only
France$59 Standard only
Germany$59 Standard only
Italy$59 Standard only
Netherlands$59 Standard only
Philippines$59 Expedited
Spain$59 Standard only
Taiwan$59 Express only
Thailand$59 Express only
United Arab Emirates$69 Express only
United Kingdom$69 Express only
Saudi Arabia$79 Standard only
Switzerland$79 for Standard or $99 for Express
Austria$89 Standard only
Belgium$89 Standard only
Denmark$89 Standard only
Ireland$89 Standard only
Poland$89 Standard only
Brazil$99 Standard only           
Bulgaria$99 Standard only
Canada$99 Standard only
Croatia$99 Standard only
Cyprus$99 Standard only
Czech Republic$99 Standard only
Estonia$99 Standard only
Finland$99 Standard only
Greece$99 Standard only
Hungary$99 Standard only
Indonesia$99 for Premium Standard
Latvia$99 Standard only
Lithuania$99 Standard only
Luxembourg$99 Standard only
Mexico$99 Express only
Norway$99 for Standard or $139 for Express
Portugal$99 Standard only
Romania$99 Standard only
Slovakia$99 Standard only
Slovenia$99 Standard only
Sweden$99 Standard only
Morocco$119 Express only
Qatar$119 Express only
IndiaNo Free Shipping Available
IsraelNo Free Shipping Available
KuwaitNo Free Shipping Available

How to Get the Lowest Price on YesStyle

Since negotiating or haggling for a cheaper price on YesStyle is not an option, you will have to be active on the website and stay on top of deals elsewhere. Also, you can find Easter egg coupon codes if you do a search online for “YesStyle coupon discount codes” or other such wording.

Some of these deals can also be found here.

Be an Avid & Persistent Shopper

So, if you want to get the lowest price possible for any given item, you will have to stay tuned into the latest sales, flash sales, discounts and etc. If you can find the same thing somewhere else but for less money, then you should buy that instead.

Regardless, YesStyle will take every opportunity to offer competitive pricing. So, the good news is that even if you miss a sale, there will be another one at some point that you should find agreeable. However, if you’re chasing a luxury item or something that a lot of people tend to buy, you will have to exercise a little bit of patience.

Final Thoughts

Yesstyle is running regular sales, and you check it out here. But for the most part, it’s quite expensive when it comes to skincare products, if you look at the fashion it’s not that expensive compared to other stores.

Read my full in-in-depth review here.

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