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Why Is YesStyle Taking So Long to Ship?

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If you’re going to order from YesStyle it’s important to know when your order arrives.

YesStyle makes every effort to ensure you get your package in the most expedient manner possible. 

But there are limits to what they can do and it does affect the length of time it takes for them to ship an order.

Let’s get started.

What Are the Main Components Affecting How Long It Takes for YesStyle to Ship?

Many components affect YesStyle’s shipping policy that results in a long wait for your package to arrive. This includes product availability, the country/region of delivery and if it’s a weekend or public holiday. 

In most cases, you should receive your package well within two weeks, but there are many instances where it can take as long as a month.

Different Items, Various Shipping Dates

This is because some products YesStyle has in their immediate stock and others they must retrieve from their suppliers. 

The best way to get the fastest shipping is to pay attention to each item you’re looking to order. When you go to any given page for individual merchandise, there is a bar underneath the price.

Here, it details the size, color or style of the item in question. Sometimes, it becomes a dropdown menu if there are different options from which to choose. Regardless, this area will tell you how soon the item will ship. If you’re looking to get your items quickly, only put things in your cart that indicate the following:

  • “Usually ships within 1 to 2 days”
  • “Usually ships within 24 hours”

Previous Customer Complaints

Indeed, many people report doing the “1 to 2 days” orders and not receiving their package for over a month. Keep in mind there are a few other factors to consider in this regard. If customs does not accept whatever it is you ordered, this will go through a process that will increase the shipping time and the cost.

Items that Ship after 21 Days

Many items in YesStyle’s e-store indicate that you will have to wait more than 21 days before the items ship from their warehouse. 

While this can be a bit frustrating, you can place two different orders. One for items that will come sooner than 21 days and ones you’ll wait a little longer for.

However, it does stand to note that placing two orders may be way out of your budget and, thus, not practical. 

So, you will have to judge things according your individual situation. If anything, you can put your items longer than 21 days onto your wish list. You can purchase them later when it’s financially expedient to do so.

Confusion with Shipping Dates

What compounds the confusion over “1 to 2 days” or “within 24 hours” is when you go a few lines down where it says “Shipping to (insert country).” 

As an example, for those in the US, it indicates “Free Standard Shipping with any $49 purchase (7 – 14 business days).”

All this means is that you will receive your package within that time as long as you order $49 worth of merchandise. 

So, because they ship it within two days doesn’t mean you’ll get it in five or even seven days. This is because YesStyle’s warehouse is in Hong Kong, China.

With shipping and delivery being what it is post-COVID, this can take longer than expected. Also, with certain countries reinstituting draconian lockdown measures, this leaves much to question in the way of an exact shipping date.

Does the Carrier Affect How Long It Takes Items to Ship from YesStyle?

Another component in how long it takes your parcel to arrive from YesStyle is the carrier itself. This will vary greatly depending on the country in question. 

For the US, DHL is an excellent delivery service, but they don’t operate on the weekends or holidays and they have set business hours that doesn’t run 24/7 like FedEx or UPS.

For people who live in far away and remote areas, it will naturally take a long time to get your shipment. If your country doesn’t have an efficient shipping system in place, you will have to refer to their policies and regulations.

Does YesStyle’s Suppliers Affect How Long It Takes for Items to Ship?

Another major component to how long it takes YesStyle to ship is their suppliers. If they do not stock the items listed on their e-boutique, they have to wait for those to come to the warehouse and then they ship it.   

With so many products available, indeed, it would be difficult to keep everything available on hand. But, there’s a lot of effort to promote Asian goods and YesStyle is at the center of this. They have a wonderful selection of products, but not all of them are in their warehouse. 

Is There Anything Else Affecting How Long It Takes for YesStyle To Ship?

A few other things can majorly affect how long it takes YesStyle to ship merchandise. This would be your form of payment or using a post office box address for shipping. 

Your bank or credit card may not clear the payment within the time YesStyle ships the item. Whatever is the cause of the discrepancy or hold, it may take a week or two longer until your payment clears.

Another thing that can influence shipping time is if you indicate a P.O. Box for the delivery address. 

This will delay the shipment considerably because express shipping doesn’t go to post office boxes. While standard shipping will go to such addresses, there are times where your order gets upgraded to express.

If you use a P.O. Box address, it may end up going back to YesStyle, which means it will take twice as long to receive your order. 

Express shipping will be the fastest route to receive your package at a physical address and can you be certain of its arrival.

How Long Will It Take to Receive a Shipment from YesStyle?

Considering all the factors and variables above, it can take as little as seven days to as much as a month or more for you to receive items from 

YesStyle. Since they’re in Hong Kong along with the uncertainty of worldwide shipping efforts due to lockdowns and your address, it can take as long as four months in some cases.

What If I Don’t Want to Wait that Long for Shipping from YesStyle?

If all of this seems undesirable to you and you don’t want to wait 21 days for YesStyle to ship your items, then you have a scant few options available. 

Thankfully, K-beauty, fashion and accessories are a worldwide phenomenon, so you should be able to find at least one retailer in your area.

While they may not have everything YesStyle has to offer, they do have considerable collections. The following list of retailers offer Korean skincare products with free shipping depending on the country. However, please note that it may take longer than YesStyle depending on the location of the company:

  • Mikaela Beauty (Canada & the US)
  • Peach & Lily (US)
  • Soko Glam (US)
  • Olive Young (worldwide)
  • Korina (Belgium, France, Netherlands and Denmark)
  • Sephora (worldwide)
  • Ulta (worldwide)
  • BeautyNetKorea (Seoul, Korea)
  • Beauty Korea Mall (Busan, Korea)
  • Style Korea (Gyeonggi-Do, Korea)
  • Stylevana (Hong Kong)

Final Thoughts

After all, YesStyle shipping takes longer because of the supply chain. However, on average it’ll take 1 to 2 business days.

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