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YesStyle Review: Shipping Times, Quality and Overall Experience

Jason Park
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Are you browsing around the internet and shopping for K-fashion? Are you wondering if YesStyle is an online store you should order from or avoid?

Either way, I tried more than 20+ different Korean skincare stores throughout the years and ordered multiple times from YesStyle. But there are some things that everyone should know before ordering or:

  • You could order some garbage quality products
  • Have to return the product and wait another 30 days…
  • Waste thousands of dollars

Now with that in mind. 

Let’s get started.

YesStyle In-depth Review

Haven’t you always wanted to order something from YesStyle to complete your Korean skincare routine?

You browse for hours on the internet and all you see are products that you want to try… 

The times I ordered from YesStyle was very easy and fast. There weren’t any big problems along the way and the product quality was as expected.

Now, there have been a few times where I saw some reviews sayin’

“Boys and girls, all men and women stay away from Trust me! If you order an item that ships in 24 hours and another than ships in 20 days they will delay the whole order.”

“Customer service is non existent and its been 2 months since my package.”

“It’s been over a month and I still haven’t received my package”

These reviews are most of the time written out of frustration. They order from YesStyle and don’t know the average delivery time, expect it to arrive within a few days and complain a few hours later.

Yes… really. Some people get really angry when they don’t receive their package within the first three days. 

It’s important to know that YesStyle ships from Hong Kong and not the U.S.

Let’s look at the average shipping times.

Average Shipping Times

On average it takes about 4 to 14 days for your order to arrive. This is when you live in the US.

For other countries, it can take even longer. Generally speaking, for international people it can take up to 21 days.

This is where you have to look at the pros and cons.

Are you getting the better deals at YesStyle and wait a bit longer for your order to arrive. Or are you ordering from another Korean skincare site that might deliver faster.

Ordering with YesStyle does guarantee that you get products from a legitimate site.

Here is a breakdown of my ordering process:

  • Monday: place an order
  • Tuesday: order gets shipped
  • Friday: order gets delivered

Within 3 days my order gets delivered.

Here are some secrets to get your order delivered faster:

Always select Express Shipping! 

Even though you’re paying more for shipping, this guarantees that your package will be delivered within the estimated shipping time.

If you don’t. 

It can take up to 14 business days. This includes weekends, which makes it 18 days in total for your package to arrive.

Also, your order will be properly packaged and shipped with a trusted delivery service.

If you choose standard shipping your order might:

  • Get lost somewhere in will never find
  • Be shipped with a 3rd party delivery service
  • Wait up to 18 days before your package gets delivered.

You might be thinking… I can wait 18 days.

No problem! I don’t NEED the products right now.

Well this was exactly what I was thinking, but once you’ve ordered with express shipping. You’ll never go back to standard shipping.

Here are the problems I faced with the standard shipping process:

  • My package got lost 2 times out of the 4 times I used standard shopping
  • The package was not properly packaged 
  • The box was severely damaged when I received my package

Think about it!

2 out of 4 times my package got lost… when I used standard shipping.

Now looking back, I don’t even think about using the standard shipping anymore.

Imagine if you have to call the delivery service, wait 15 minutes for them to tell you that they can’t do anything about it.

Then you have to contact customer service and ask them where your package is.

And the worst part… the package gets reshipped again and you have to wait another 7 to 14 business days?!

Express shipping makes everything so much easier, and you might be paying a bit more but it’s 100% worth it.

Get your money’s worth with express shipping.

Quality Control

Quality is the most important factor when you order Korean skincare, clothes or beauty products. For each time you get a bad quality product, it’s basically burned money.

Because ordering from YesStyle is such a time-intensive process, it can really be mentally exhausting if you get a bad-quality product.

You have to return the product or ask for a refund.

Then you have to order it again and wait till it arrives. All that just because you got a bad-quality product.

Now, I haven’t seen any problems with YesStyle in terms of quality.

Every time my package arrived, everything was perfect. No damaged products, expired skincare or anything like that.

Considering that skincare is something that is most probably resold and not directly manufactured by YesStyle there shouldn’t be any issues.

With that in mind, you can place your order without overthinking – the products that you get are all high quality.

Note: I have never ordered clothes from YesStyle.

Regular Sales and Prices

Let’s look at the regular sales YesStyle has.

From an outsider’s perspective, they don’t really have frequent sales. Mostly, they run sales when their big events like any other Korean skincare store.

They do have an email list that you can sign up for. 

In less than 1 minute, you’ll be able to get that juicy 10% discount.

Out of all the Korean skincare stores that I tried, YesStyle doesn’t mark up their prices before a big event.

Their discounts, sales and promotions are real and legit.

This makes YesStyle one of the most trusted Korean beauty stores in Asia, Europe and the US.

There have been many skincare sites that have been marking up the prices by at least 20% right before they offer a sale.

I won’t mention the names… but it’s really nasty what they do.

Now, as a customer, you think you’ll save up to 50%, but in reality it’s only 30%. That’s something that I keep track of in a spreadsheet.

What I absolutely love about YesStyle is its sales page.

They have this stock clearance section where tons of deals come up almost every day. And when it’s sold out, it’s really sold out.

You can’t get the products anywhere else, and this is what sets them apart from the crowd.

Unlike many other Korean stores that just offer sales to generate profit, YesStyle doesn’t.

It’s one of the reasons why they have been the #1 store for many years.

Customer Service

Let’s look at the customer service.

Some people have had bad experiences with the customer service, I luckily didn’t.

Every time I contact their customer service department, they reply within 24 hours. This is incredibly fast compared to some other skincare stores I’ve tried in the past.

Whether you have a question about your delivery time, order history or quality. They are happy to help you. They’ll be able to fix your problem within a few days.

There are some things that I do miss, which I prefer over submitting a ticket.

  • A Phone number to call to
  • Livechat to directly handle my problem
  • Customer service in different languages

Now, this isn’t a huge issue but it’s something that I do see in some other skincare stores.

Besides these small things, they offer a seamless ticketing system that seems to work fine.

Returns & Refunds

This is probably the most common question I get asked.

Returns & Refund within YesStyle. 

The return process isn’t as efficient as it could be. This has probably to do with their warehouse in Hong Kong.

It’s not an American company that handles returns flawlessly. That means you’ll have to make some effort when returning your product to their warehouse.

Here are the steps:

  • Step 1. Contact the Customer Service Department.
  • Step 2. Wait for Yesstyle Customer Service to reply
  • Step 3. Return the package to a Post Office
  • Step 4. Yesstyle Receives the Package
  • Step 5. Return Confirmation

Here is a full guide on how to Return your products to YesStyle and get a Refund.

The Differences Between YesStyle and Other Stores

Haven’t you always wanted to try out other Korean skincare stores to see what it’s like? You look at your order history and all you see is shipped…

There are some Korean skincare stores that are quite good.

The shipping is faster and the quality of products is the same. Your only problem would be the price, out of all the stores, no other came even close to the prices YesStyle offered.

Almost all of them were more expensive.

Trading that in for a faster shipping time is worth it for some people.

If you’re one of them, I would recommend going with Stylevana.

Stylevana is by far the best alternative when it comes to Korean skincare. Looking at both platforms, they offer lifestyle products and a few fashion products.

This makes them both unique.

Other stores tend to mainly focus on skincare only, and even that isn’t as good as YesStyle or Stylevana.

Pros of YesStyle:

  • Quality products
  • Very affordable prices
  • Regular sales

Cons of YesStyle:

  • Shipping times

With that in mind, ordering from YesStyle should be a peace of cake.

Experience with YesStyle

Let’s talk about my overall experience with YesStyle.

At first, I was a bit hesitant when I ordered from the site. I didn’t know what to expect or how the ordering process looked like.

After doing it time and time again I got more used to it. And ever since, I’ve become a lifetime customer of YesStyle.

If you don’t want to deal with any delivery times, customer service and still get the best prices. I’d highly recommend going with YesStyle.

There might be some other stores out there that people “say” are better, but from 5+ years of experience in the skincare industry.

I know for a fact that there’s no doubt why YesStyle has become one of the biggest online retailers.

The site is very easy to use, order from, and return to, so you can save 10+ hours browsing through other skincare sites.

From there, you can go for a walk, read a book or watch your favorite series on Netflix.

Plus, you can share your referral code with your friends, so they can get discounts too.

Final Verdict

Piecing together all the skincare stores you browsed through today shouldn’t be so hard.

YesStyle lets you navigate very easily through the store, get the best prices, and guaranteed quality products, so you can get your awesome skincare.

Let’s complete your skincare routine.

Get perfect skin with YesStyle!

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