Is Sopa Expensive?

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Since SOPA is a top art school for people who are serious about pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, students have to pay a tuition fee. SOPA is considered to have expensive tuition compared to other high schools. This is to make sure only students who are serious about the classes offered enroll.

SOPA (School of Performing Arts) is a Korean art school located in Seoul. Many K pop idols have received their education from this famous arts high school. A lot of young Koreans who want to further their training on stage dream about attending this privileged school of performing arts.

Many opportunities in the entertainment industry open up for graduate students of SOPA. If you were interested in learning more about how much it costs to attend SOPA in South Korea, then you have come to the right page. Keep reading to learn more about this popular performing arts school.

How Much Does It Cost to Attend Sopa?

If you have dreams of becoming a famous K pop idol, it’s important to take courses focused on music and performing arts. SOPA is an expensive school and the tuition fees vary depending on which courses the student is enrolled in. Tuitions to this school could cost anywhere between 50 thousand krw (Korean wan) to 10 million krw.

SOPA is more expensive than the other popular Korean performing arts high school Hanlim. A lot of people talk about Hanlim because it has had a lot of popular K pop idol graduates, however, SOPA has a deeper history and better focus on education.

What Do They Teach in Sopa?

If a student is serious about attending an art school, they can learn a lot from the classes at SOPA in Seoul. There are many departments in SOPA, so students have a lot of opportunities when they go to school. Each student will find many courses focused on the area of entertainment they want to pursue.

The departments of education at SOPA include:

  • Theatre and film
  • Theatre arts
  • Stage arts
  • Broadcasting arts
  • Practical dance
  • Practical music

Each student will focus on a major from these departments. While most of their education will be focused on the art they are majoring in, they will also study core subjects like math and literature. Every graduate from SOPA art school will have the education they need to be respected K pop idols.

What Is Sopa Scandal in Korea?

Many parents feel safer sending their kids to go to school at Hanlim because SOPA was involved in a scandal. Many students from SOPA have come forward about corruption from members of the faculty. These students in uniform created a video where they detailed the events that happened to them.

Members of SOPA were forcing the kids to perform at events away from the art school. According to some of the students, these kids would often have to pay out of pocket to work at these events.

One of the most harrowing stories was when they admitted the principal requested them to perform at private parties in sexy clothing and inappropriate uniforms.

The students said they have tried many times over the years to come forward, however, the school board always took action first. These kids were even threatened with legal action if they were to post about the mistreatment on social media.

What can students (and parents) expect from SOPA now?

Eventually, the video reached the right people. The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education did a follow up on the story and found that it was in the best interest to dismiss the SOPA principal immediately. Unfortunately, the school did not agree and this principal is still working the 2021 school year.

However, there have been many petitions from parents and outraged people around the world. A link to the famous video has been posted on many websites where people can listen to the students share their side of the story.

Do Kpop Idols Go to Regular School?

The life of Kpop idols is very exciting. However, a Kpop idol doesn’t attend classes as a regular student would. Most K pop idols will attend a music and art school like SOPA or Hanlim in South Korea. This way, their education is focused on their career.

Even the biggest names in K pop make time for their school work. When these idols aren’t on tour, they don’t sit around living a life of luxury. They must go back to high school so they can earn their diploma.

Kpop Idols Are Not Like Regular School Kids

It’s not secret that when an idol has over a million fans, life at school isn’t like it is for everyone else. Teachers at art schools like SOPA and Hanlim are aware that a lot of their students have already entered the entertainment industry and are likely working with a management company.

Since SOPA students are not like regular school kids. Even their uniforms are above average. Korean schools all have uniforms for the kids to wear. These uniforms are usually simple and conservative. The SOPA school uniform is a completely different story.

The uniform for SOPA is yellow with a classy black trimming and collar. This uniform is meant to set SOPA apart from other schools and show off their prestige and star quality.

Being in The Studio Recording and Practicing for Most of Their Time

SOPA art school allows kids to take time off when they are booked. Since a lot of your Kpop idols go to this school, they need a schedule that is flexible with their career. There are a lot of occasions where they will need to take time away from school for recording, performances, press days, etc.

Hanlim and other schools don’t recognize how important a Kpop idol’s schedule is. They need to put their career first if they want to continue to be a success. When kids leave SOPA to focus on their Kpop career, they won’t be behind when they return.

This makes it easier for the K pop idols to successfully complete the school year without missing out on any music or performing opportunities. Every member of the SOPA board wants to encourage these students to take on the opportunities that will further their performing careers. That is why they are flexible about kids missing school for their own work.


SOPA is one of the most well known art schools in Seoul, South Korea. It is one of the top schools for Kpop idols to attend so they can receive a quality education without missing out on their career opportunities.

Since SOPA will only accept a student who is fully committed to performing arts and music, they are known for having a high tuition fee.

If a student wants to register with SOPA, they can expect it to cost anywhere from 50 thousand to 10 million Korean wan. Most of the top young K pop influencers in the world attend SOPA art school, making it one of Korea’s most prestigious schools.

It is very expensive to attend school at SOPA, but the high fee is worth it for kids who are serious about a career in K pop.

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