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8 Ways Mukbangers Stay Skinny

Jason Park
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Quick Summary

  • Mukbangers are people that are eating in front of a camera while talking or being silent. It has been blowing up lately, and more people are questioning how the mukbangers stay skinny.

There are many factors that play into this since it’s different for every individual.

Most mukbangers stay skinny because of their exercise routine and having great metabolism. 

Other than that, outside of making the mukbang video, they also eat healthy throughout the day, which makes a huge difference.

If you consider making a mukbang channel yourself, it’s important to know how and when to eat. Overeating will make you gain weight. And that you want to avoid at all costs.

So how exactly do mukbangers stay skinny?

Let’s get started.

Here are 8 ways mukbangers stay skinny:

1. Only Eating Healthy After Filming

Many Mukbangers only eat healthy meals once they finish filming. This is extremely important because of the number of calories they eat in front of the camera.

Eating healthy it’s one of the easiest ways mukbangers stay skinny, and it doesn’t show during the video. This helps them stay skinny and slim 24/7. 

Now, if people start eating very unhealthy, it’ll definitely show in front of the camera. 

The fans will notice. A famous example of this is Nikocado Avocado.

He went from vegan to extremely overweight in just a matter of months. As you can see, it’s a key factor to staying fit and healthy when you’re a mukbang creator.

However, if they plan out everything throughout the day, it isn’t that hard. The amount of food they eat is insane in one sitting. Keep in mind that after the shooting is over, they’re probably digesting everything for a couple of hours until they’re going to eat the next meal.

This can take up to 12 hours, and sometimes even longer.

It’s only normal for them to feel full after eating such a big meal. It’s also been known that they eat fast food meals every single day for the video and after, they don’t eat for the whole day.

2. Extreme Dieting

Have you ever seen extremely skinny people that don’t eat anything throughout the day…

If so, that’s one of the ways mukbangers stay skinny. They go through extreme diets to keep up the views on their channel. 

Doing this will make the viewer more interested, which means more revenue. Now, these diets are very unhealthy.

Here are some examples:

  • IU Diet: a total of 1200 calories
  • BTS Diet: a total of 1500 calories

And these are just a few of many out there. These diets have very few foods they can eat throughout the day.

Following these diets isn’t something you should do, but as someone that knows a lot of mukbangers personally…

… it’s really bad behind the scenes.

If you ever had the chance to interview a mukbanger, you would be shocked how bad they eat throughout the day. 

Their extreme dieting, personal care, and other things are one of the worse I’ve ever seen. 

3. Fast Metabolism

Having a fast metabolism is something some people are born with.

It’s not something you can build up…

… some people think they can, but there have been many studies showing it’s impossible. [1]

As Dr Lee says: “The reality is that metabolism often plays a minor role,”

It comes naturally, and as you get older, it’ll probably slow down.

You can try to manipulate your metabolism but only to a certain degree. These would be burning more calories, making sure you exercise, and drinking green tea.

However, this won’t work for the big meals mukbangers eat.

Mukbangers eat up to 2000+ calories in one sitting, which is unheard of. So if you consider making a mukbang video, get ready to destroy that meal.

Because you can’t speed up your metabolism by a lot.

4. Faking The Entire Video

Have you seen any mukbanger fake an entire video?

An extremely famous mukbang vlogger spit out her food after putting it in her mouth, according to NextShark. [2]

This wasn’t proven by anyone.

However, it would be understandable if someone did that.

As you can see, most mukbangers aren’t the biggest people. You wouldn’t think they could eat up to 2000+ calories in one sitting…

… therefore it would be only normal to think that.

Now, doing does create a “fake” video for your viewers, which misleads them.

Think about it… faking an entire video is very easy. These days you can manipulate almost everything, including mukbangs.

Just cut out the part where you start chewing. (cut the video) And boom!

There you have it. It’s really that easy.

Whether people cheat their mukbangs or have a “fast” metabolism, we, as viewers, can never prove anything because all we see is them eating in front of a camera.

5. Only Eating One Meal a Day

Eating only one meal a day is very common in the mukbang community.

They prepare the whole video a couple of days in advance, and that’s all they eat.

These meals are so big that it’s a whole day’s worth of calories, which is about 2000+.

Now, some of these meals are extremely unhealthy and shouldn’t be eaten every day. That’s why mukbangers don’t and can’t upload every single day.

Eating this unhealthy is devastating for their health. In the long run, they will gain lots and lots of weight, which is unhealthy, of course.

I’ve personally tried eating one big meal a day, which is very doable. However, you will get hungry after a few hours and start to snack. That’s why it’s been proven by many experts that eating multiple small meals is way better. [3]

It’s healthier, and you won’t snack as much as you normally would.

6. Drinking A Lot of Water 

Drinking lots of water is very important for the people that make mukbang videos. 

You don’t want to get dehydrated and maybe even pass out…

… the amount of fast food they eat for a video is mindblowing. 

Drinking lots of water keeps them hydrated and have more energy filming the videos. It’s often underestimated how much water you should actually drink.

It comes with many benefits for the mukbangers. These are: feeling less tired, healthier, and more energized.

And for the mukbangers that don’t drink a lot of water.

Supplements come into play. 

Think about fat burners, caffeine pills, and pre-workouts.

7. Taking Supplements to Suppress Appetite

Taking different kinds of supplements can also help to maintain weight

 Supplements like fat burners are very popular in the weight loss community; however, the best way to lose weight is dieting and scheduling all your meals for the day in advance.

Many people don’t want to do this because it’s such a hassle, but the benefits you’re getting way out the cons of it. 

It’s a great way to maintain your weight. Fat burners are known to burn fat, but it doesn’t work like that.

These kinds of supplements only help you stall your hunger for a couple of hours which leads to eating less because you aren’t feeling hungry

However, in the long term, this isn’t healthy, and it won’t be expensive if you’re spending money every month on different supplements.

The best way would be to exercise, and we’re going to explain more about this here below.

8. Exercising Every Single Day

Exercising is by far the most important way for mukbangers to maintain their weight. 

You probably don’t see them exercising 3 to 4 times a week, but they really do. Otherwise, it would be very hard for them to maintain their weight.

It’s a roller coaster of different kinds of foods. 

While most of it is junk food. The only normal and healthy way would be to exercise regularly.

However, it’s great to get started. I’ve been eating a lot of junk food lately, and by exercising multiple times a week, my weight has maintained the same. I didn’t gain any weight or fat during these last couple of weeks.

So, now that you know it really works for mukbangers, you should do it too. It’s great for the body overall, and eventually, it will start getting fun.

It would be only logical to exercise regularly if you are going to huge amounts of fast food in one sitting.

Where Does Mukbang Come From?

Mukbang is originally from South Korea. That’s also where the word “Mukbang” comes from. It basically means an eating show. 

Many people in Korea have been making these types of videos on YouTube, and it’s been blowing up lately.

Most of the videos have been gaining millions of views every single day. And most people from South Korea make these types of videos.

Other YouTubers like Yuka Kinoshita and Trisha Paytas are also very famous. 

Think about it…

…A few years ago, who would have thought hundreds of people would be watching people eating food in silence.

It’s very weird, but hey?!

We like to watch it, so who can we blame.


Eating big meals is great and all. But eating more regularly is the way to go.

Mukbangers exercise regularly to stay in shape. You can’t see this, but that’s what really happens because for the average person to eat that amount of food and not gain weight is almost impossible.

Another reason is that they have a very fast metabolism. However, only a small percentage of people have a very fast metabolism where they won’t gain weight when eating these meals.

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